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PATIENCE (Episode 11)


. He read till 5 o clock in the morning then he woke Muktar up and
they observed their Salat together.
It is 7 o clock in the morning and everyone is preparing to leave for
test. Muktar is not having test so he is the one preparing break fast
for them. They ate and Muktar drove them to school. Soon, the
test has started and Bilal was happy at the question. Everyone was
happy to see Bilal back to school including the HOD and the
lecturers. The test came to and end and the students rushed to
Bilal to welcome him including the class rep. The HOD told him to
come to his office after the test. After their greetings to Bilal, he
went to the HOD and he was told that the test he missed will not
affect him as the mark given to those students that wrote the test
was also given to him. Bilal was speechless at the offer. He
thanked the HOD and he went out of the office in amazement.
Meanwhile, at the moment Bilal was in the office with the HOD,
Muktar was outside looking for Bilal and his sister. Faridah was at
the entrance of the building waiting for Bilal to come. People were
outside wondering why Muktar of all people will be looking for
Bilal. They did not know them to be close or friends. Soon, Bilal
and Faridah came out walking towards the direction to Muktar’s
car. They called him and he came. People were surprised seeing
Bilal with Muktar of all people. They zoomed off from the school
and left people in amazement.
Soon, they are now at their lodge. Bilal thanked Muktar for his kind
– hearted character towards him. They ate the remaining food that
Muktar prepared in the morning and they started preparing for
Salatul Juma’a. ” Bilal, please have this phone from me. It is yours”
Muktar said stretching out his hand to Bilal with a nylon bag in his
hand. In It was a Samsung Galaxy phone It..


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