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. “hmm, Mukhtar, you have done enough in my life already. Please
don’t take It as if am rejecting your offer, no, am not rejecting It.”
Bilal said. ” oh, don’t tell me that. If you are not rejecting It then
what are you doing” Mukhtar said angrily. ” please don’t be angry
at me. Just try and understand” Bilal pleaded. ” what is the
problem guys” Faridah cuts in. ” Bilal is rejecting my offer” Mukhtar
replied. ” Bilal, stop that na. Do you want to get me upset” Faridah
said. After so many disagreement between them, Bilal collected the
phone. He pleaded with Mukhtar not to mistook his actions and to
forgive him for that. Muktar understood him and they became like
brothers again. ” are you going to do welcome back of your sim
card or you will prefer buying another one” Faridah question him.
“of course he has to buy another sim card” Mukhtar replied on
behalf of Bilal. ” Yes. You have heard what my twin brother said, i
will have to buy another one” Bilal said eyeing Faridah. They all
bursted into laugh. ” Ok ooo. Twin brothers, It is time for Jumat
prayer ooo” Faridah said mockingly. “Yes we know that” Bilal and
Muktar said in chorus. ” alright” Faridah added then left for her
room. Soon, the NEPA brought light and Bilal pluged the phone and
they left for Jumat prayer.
It is Wednesday morning. Bilal and Faridah are in the school
already. A lecturer came in and the lecture started. After the
lecture, the script of their previous test was distributed and Bilal
scored the highest mark. He scored 18 out of the 20 marks
allocated to the question. He was happy. He thanked Allah for the
successful completion of their test. Faridah scored 15 out of the
20 marks as well.
It is Friday morning around 9 o clock and all the medical students
converged in a hall for an important news. Soon, the lecturers and
The HOD came in. The HOD stood up from his sit and faced the
crowed in order to be seen clearly while addressing them. ” Good
morning students. Let’s not waste too much of your time. We call
you here in order to announce to you that there shall be a seminar
to be held on 8 of this Month (October) and some selected
Candidates are going to deliver a speech on behalf of the Medical
students and the managing body of the department of Medicine on
that day. Distinguished personalities are going to be here on that
day. And we have made up our mind that our well known student
named Bilal Muhammed is going to deliver a speech on behalf of
the managing body of the department of Medicine while Mukhtar
Yusuf will represent the Medical student. Thank you all for your
time and God bless you. ” the HOD stated. Immediately at the
mention of the presenters of the both speech, the crowed started
clapping and shouting. Bilal and Muktar gazed at each other from
a distance…


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