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. ” You mean daddy is here now” Faridah asked in curiosity. ” i
don’t know OOOO. But he has to be here because he was invited”
Mukhtar replied. ” Ok. May Allah bring him here OOOO” Faridah
prayed. ” Aameen” Mukhtar answered. Bilal was looking at them
with a strange face. He couldn’t fathom what they are talking
about. ” what are you guys saying” Bilal cut in with a question. ”
Sorry bro. Forgive us for not telling you the kind of person we are
since all these while and and here now we have put you in a lost
state. We are the children of the known owner of Al – bashar
private hospital and now in some few weeks back, the newly
appointed commissioner for education in Kaduna state. So he is
part of those invited to honour this occasion. Am sorry bro ”
Mukhtar pleaded while he explained. Bilal was dumb founded at
that moment. He couldn’t talk.” i wanted to make that as a surprise
to you. But now, my brother has told you all you need to know
about us. Sorry Bilal ” Faridah added. ” It is Ok friends. Am just
surprised and dumb founded because It is rare for a son or a
daughter of a known rich man to be this kind, generous and
humble. Your father must be proud of you guys ” Bilal stated. ”
thanks for the compliment ” Mukhtar said. It is really a golden
chance having you as a friend, Bilal” Faridah added. ” It’s alright
friends. Let’s start going before we late” Bilal said.
They entered the hall and everyone found his or her way to the
available seat. A minute after they sat, Bilal saw a text on his
phone. It is from Faridah. The text state : “Don’t be tensed dear.
Feel free and stand up to them and make me proud. Just do this
for me please” Faridah wrote. Immediately after reading the text,
Bilal became courageous. He turned his neck and their eyes met.
They gazed at each other and they smile. Muktar was looking at
them but they didn’t notice. Soon, Mukhtar was called and he
delivered his speech successfully. As Mukhtar steps down from
the stage, people were clapping and shouting. Bilal gazed at
Faridah and she made a sign to him which depicts that ” You can
do It” and he returned his neck back. ” our next presenter is Bilal
Muhammed” the MC of the occasion announced. Bilal breathed
deeply and he stood up…


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