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PATIENCE (Episode 15)


. He walked majestically to the stage and climbed It up. All eyes
were on him. He faced the crowd and his eyes once again met with
Faridah’s own. Faridah urged him to carry on. They were having
an eye conversation in the midst of people but they didn’t notice
that except Mukhtar. Bilal begins his speech with a clearing of
throat. ” Greetings to the distinguished personalities on the high
table, : the vice chancellor of this noble institution, the Minister of
education, his excellency, the Governor of Kaduna state and the
honourable commissioner for education. My greetings also goes to
my fellow medical students and all the teaching staffs of this great
institution ” Bilal paused a little bit and then proceeds. ” gentle men
and ladies, you are all welcome to the annual seminar program in
the faculty of Medicine ” Bilal said. This word he utters” gentlemen
and ladies ” was what makes his speech unique. The crowd started
clapping tensely. It took some minutes before the crowd became
calm again. Even those at the high table were clapping too. Bilal
could see Faridah at a distance. She is clapping in joy and at the
same time crying. She claps to the extent that she doesn’t know
when she stood up. Muktar was also shouting. After the calmness
of the crowd, Bilal ends his speech and make a move to climb
down from the stage but he got dazed at what he saw. He saw the
crowd raising up a carbon paper which on It was written ” Bilal the
wizard”. He was touched by that expression they all made towards
him. Suddenly , he bursted into tears of joy. Muktar noticed that
and he ran to celebrate with him on the stage. The emotional
feelings in Faridah started growing wide and big while she stares
at Bilal. The celebration ends and the honourable commissioner
who happens to be Faridah and Muktar’s father, summoned for
Bilal. Bilal was with his friends, Mukhtar and Faridah when a man
came to call him. ” the honourable commissioner want to see you”
the man dressed in suit said to Bilal. ” are you referring to me” Bilal
asked in amazement. ” Yes. Are you not Bilal Muhammed” The
man asked. ” Yes, iam” Bilal answered sluggishly. ” your presence
is needed by the commissioner” the man stated. Bilal got dazed.
He stared at Mukhtar and Faridah…


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