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PATIENCE (Episode 19)


PATIENCE (the reward for It).
. In some hours of the journey, they finally arrived home safely. ”
Yea, we are finally at home. Assalamualaikum” Bilal said while he
closed the car door behind him. “wa’alaikumsalam” a voice
answered from inside. “brother Bilal!!” the two little kids of Bilal’s
aunt approached him. ” how are you kids” Bilal said while he
carried them up in both sides. Muktar and Faridah were dragging
their luggage while tapping the kids on their shoulder. Bilal’s
mother and aunt came out with smiles on their faces.
“assalamualaikum. Good afternoon ma” Faridah greets Bilal’s
mother. “wa’alaikumsalam. How are you doing my daughter” Hajia
Maimuna respond back. ” Alhamdulillah ma” Faridah said. Muktar
also greeted the mother and the aunt and they respond him as well.
Bilal helped Faridah to carry her luggage inside and his aunt helped
Mukhtar. They were taken into their various rooms and they took
some freshen up before they ate.
Later in the evening, disclosed to his mum and aunt that the man
that helped them at the hospital is the father of his friends. His
mum and aunt were amazed. ” wonderful!!” Hajia Maimuna
exclaimed. “were you friends before that incident or It was after the
incident” Hajia Maimuna asked. ” actually It was Faridah and i that
were friends then. It was when the armed robbers attacked us on
my back to school from here that Mukhtar joined us in our
friendship. In fact mama, she was the girl i told you that i was with
when aunty’s call came into my phone before i came down from
school ” Bilal explained. ” You were attacked by some hoodlums ”
his mother asked in amazement. ” Don’t worry mum. That has
gone and never to repeat in sha Allah ” Bilal said while he
approached his mother and then give her a warm embrace. ” how
do you survived It” his mother asked again. ” It was by the help of
Allah through Faridah and her brother, Mukhtar. They took me to a
private hospital and i was treated immediately” Bilal explained. ”
oh, may Allah reward them abundantly. Where are they. Go and
call them for me. They just have the kind – hearted mind as their
father” Hajia Maimuna commend their effort. Bilal went inside their
room and he summoned them. Hajia Maimuna showed them some
appreciations and they greeted her back. While in the parlour, in
the midst of Bilal’s mother and aunt, Faridah and Bilal were
chatting on their phone through WhatsApp. Hajia Maimuna noticed
them while they were gazing at each other smiling. When the time
clocks 10 o clock in the night, Hajia Maimuna bid them to go and
sleep. While on their way to the bed in their various room, Faridah
text Bilal the following : “good night my…..”. Bilal text back his own
also : ” my what. Complete It” . ” i can’t type the word. Please don’t
be upset with me ooo” Faridah text back. ” Ok good night” Bilal
replied her…


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