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PATIENCE (the reward for It).
. “hmmm… hmmm… Mum… I don’t understand what you said”
Faridah starts stammering at the moment. ” Faridah, don’t lie to
me or try to dodge the question. Answer me with sincerity” Hajia
Maimuna stated. ” hmm… Yes mum. I love him so much. Ever
since we met, he has been the source of my happiness. But i don’t
know what has came over him or what i have done wrong to
warrant such behaviour from him. Please mum, help me talk to
him. I am not myself anymore” Faridah replied in tears while her
face looks down to her feet. ” Don’t worry my dear. When they
come back home, i will talk to him” Hajia Maimuna assured her.
When they (Bilal and Muktar) arrived home, they went straight to
the dinning and they ate their food. Bilal was about going to his
room when he heard a voice ” mummy is calling you” Faridah said
to him. He gazed at her for some minutes and then left for his
mother’s room. ” Faridah said you want to see me” Bilal said to his
mum. ” Yes. I want to know why on earth you will choose to punish
an innocent girl that desires nothing but your happiness” Hajia
Maimuna replied to him. Bilal was still standing akimbo staring into
the air then he cleared his throat ” mum, what did she tell you the
day you summoned me and she was here with you” Bilal asked his
mother. ” i have told you earlier before now that she only came to
help me do some tidings and nothing more” His mother answered.
” hmmm” Bilal breathed deeply. ” by Allah, she was here crying and
subbing just for no reason. She loves you so much Bilal or don’t
you know” his mother said. “mummy is alright. I will make amends
and we will be like before again. Am sorry for that” Bilal said. ”
Don’t apologize to me. Go and apologize to her rather. Don’t only
make amends with her and be like before, rather you should
promote the relationship. Have i made myself clear” his mother
said. ” Yes mum” Bilal replied, kissed his mother’s forehead and
then left the room.
Faridah was in the parlour when Bilal came out. Their eyes met
and Faridah removed hers immediately. Bilal walked towards her
and tried all he could to please her but she didn’t utter a word to
him. ” Faridah, please forgive my manners. I know i have wronged
you” Bilal was pleading for forgiveness while she stood up to go to
her room but Bilal grab her wrist. They were like that staring at
each other till Faridah told him to let her go. He freed her and she
walked away. Faridah came into her room and started crying
profusely. ” why did you treat him like that. You love him so much”
Faridah was all alone talking to herself.
Bilal was still at the parlour staring at the ceiling fan. He has
become frustrated now. He was there talking to himself when
Muktar woke up from his room and walked into the parlour. He
stares at Bilal for some minutes and call his name but Bilal didn’t
answer. He walked towards him and then tapped him on his
shoulder. ” what is wrong with you bro. I have been calling you
since i walked into the parlour but you didn’t answer me” Muktar
said. ” nothing bro. Just thinking about my exams and the grade i
will get” Bilal lied to Muktar. “oh, don’t worry about that. Allah is in
control” Muktar said while he tapped him.
Faridah reached for her phone and decided to text Bilal. “please
come online let’s chat” that is what she text. Bilal was still in the
parlour with Muktar when his phone vibrated. His phone was still
in that mode because he hasn’t use It since they came back from
Juma’a. He looked at the text and It was from Faridah. He sat
properly and then read the text. Immediately he read the text, he on
his data and then opened his WhatsApp…


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