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PATIENCE (Episode 23)


PATIENCE … (the reward for It)
. ” bro, am coming” Bilal said to Muktar. “alright” Muktar respond.
Bilal stood up from his seat and then walked to his room. He
climbed his bed with the pillow on his belly while sitting on the bed
with his two legs crossed at each other. “assalamualaikum”
Faridah text to Bilal. He replied her and the chatting continues. Bilal
begged her to forgive him. Faridah also begged for his forgiveness
and they became reconciled again. “i miss you” Faridah text Bilal. ”
i miss you more” Bilal responded. They said Salam to each other
and they went offline.
Bilal came out from his room and banged the door behind him. ”
bro, It is time for Salatul Asri” Muktar said to Bilal. ” Na’am. Shall
we” Bilal responded. ” yap” Muktar said while standing up from his
seat. ” mum, we are going out for Salatul Asri” Muktar said with an
advanced tune of voice. ” alright. As soon as you are done with the
praying, you guys should find your way back home immediately”
Hajia Maimuna throws back at them. ” alright mum” they
chorused. The door was opened and they matched out from the
While on their way coming back from the masjid, Hon. Yusuf,
Mukhtar’s father called. ” assalamualaikum” Hon. Yusuf said. ”
wa’alaikumsalam. Good evening dad” Muktar responded. ”
evening, how are you guys doing over there” He inquired from his
son. ” daddy, here is cool and nice to be” Muktar replied his dad. ” i
see. That’s why you guys are not thinking of coming home. So
how is everyone there” he said. ” they are all fine by Allah grace
sir” Muktar responded. ” alright. My greetings to everybody. Are
you with Bilal or Faridah” he inquired. ” am with Bilal. We are just
on our way home from the masjid” Muktar respond. “let me talk
with him” He urged Muktar. Muktar gave the phone to Bilal and
they talked for a little while before the line went dead. ” bro, let’s
prepare to leave on Sunday. Am missing home” Muktar said to
Bilal. ” alright. No problem. But we have to disclose It to mama
when we come home” Bilal said. “yap for sure” Muktar responded.
In the evening, while on the dinning table, Mukhtar cleared his
throat. ” what is wrong” Hajia Maimuna said in reaction to
Muktar’s clearing of throat. ” do you need water” the aunty added. ”
No. It is deliberately. I just want to let you know of something”
Muktar said. ” and what is that” mama respond with her eyes on
her food. “daddy called this evening while we were on our way
coming back from the Masjid. And we told him we will be back
home on Sunday” Bilal responded. ” that’s not a problem. So you
guys are leaving soon” Mama said. ” Na’am” Muktar respond.
Faridah was happy hearing that. She is already missing her mum. ”
am going to miss all of you” the aunty said. “Don’t worry ma. We
shall come again” Muktar said. They finished their food and
everyone matched to the sitting room to watch TV. As usual, Bilal
and Faridah were not actually watching the TV with them. Rather,
they were chatting on WhatsApp. When they chat a little bit, they
will gaze at themselves. Mama used to notice them while doing
that. so that is not something new to her again. The time clocks 10
o clock and Mama ordered everybody to go to their various rooms.
Bilal came into his room and couldn’t sleep. ” bro, when are you
going to sleep. It’s past ten already and you are still awake”
Muktar said to Bilal. ” may be soon because am not feeling sleepy
now” Bilal replied. ” Ok” Muktar respond and then supplicate before
he slept. Bilal reached for his phone and then dialed Faridah’s
number. She picked It and Bilal told her that he couldn’t sleep. ”
Any problem. Are you alright” Faridah said while she sat up on her
bed. “something is wrong with me and i can’t find an explanation
to It” Bilal said in a low manner of tune. “hmmm. Ok just come
online let’s chat” Faridah urged him. They came online and Bilal
text this to her : ” Faridah, my heart beats for you. I don’t know
how to say this but i think am in love with you”. When Faridah saw
this, she became happy and started smiling to herself. “i have been
looking forward to witness this day my love. I love YOU more dear”
Faridah text him back. They chat till twelve before they slept.
Faridah was feeling on top of the world. Bilal also was in his room
staring at the ceiling in joy…


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