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PATIENCE (Episode 25)


PATIENCE (the reward for It).
. Early in the morning, the inhabitants of the household are all
awake. Muktar went outside to start the car engine while Bilal was
busy inside packing their belongings. He makes sure that they did
not left anything behind. In an hour after, they took their breakfast.
Mama summoned Faridah into her room. ” My daughter, what ever
that Bilal does and It hurts you don’t hesitate to call me” Hajia
Maimuna advised Faridah. ” Thank you ma. Am grateful you took
me as your own daughter and not some body else” Faridah said. ”
Don’t mention my dear. You are now my daughter in law in sha
Allah” Hajia Maimuna said. Faridah raised up her head and gazed
at Hajia Maimuna at the statement she made. ” Don’t be surprise.
He had told me everything between both of you yesterday and
believe It is true, right?” Hajia Maimuna question her. Faridah
shakes her head in positive response. “Yes mum. It is true”
Faridah finally split It out to mama’s ear. ” alright. So i pray that
Allah will lead all of you through your academic years successfully
and i will have you in my home finally, isn’t It?” Mama asked her
while smiling. Faridah also was smiling. ” Yes mum” she answered
Hajia Maimuna.
After their discussion, mama went to Bilal and Muktar’s room and
she advised them on how to behave well in the school. She remind
them not to forget calling her when they have arrived home safely.
They waved at each other and the car zoom off.
They were on their way going when Hon. Yusuf, Muktar’s father,
called. ” assalamualaikum. Hope you guys are on your way
coming now” He told Muktar. ” wa’alaikumsalam. Yes dad we are
on our way coming already” Muktar responded. ” Ok, let me inform
your mother about that” Hon. Yusuf said. ” alright dad” Muktar
responded and the line went dead. ” that was daddy. He said he
should inform mummy” Muktar said to both Faridah and Bilal. ”
alright” Bilal and Faridah chorused.
Hours on the journey, they finally arrived home safely. Bilal looked
at the house and It is worth to be called a mansion. ” they are
wealthy enough in this manner and they didn’t behave abnormal as
other wealthy men’s children behave. Hmmm, indeed, Islam has
structured their life style for them” Bilal soliloquizes as he views the
mansion from inside the car glass. Muktar was horning the car for
the gate to be opened when a very huge and hefty guy in suit
opened It. ” welcome sir. Welcome ma. Afternoon bros, you are
welcome” The man greeted Muktar with the first tune, greeted
Faridah with the second tune and Bilal with the last tune. They all
alighted from the car while Muktar gave the car keys to one of the
man standing at the entrance of the car pack to pack It there. The
man took the from his hand and entered the car then he moved It
to the car pack where another five expensive cars could be seen.
The house is built upstairs with a white paint on the whole wall and
covered at the top with a green zinc. Flowers could be seen at the
two corners in the compound and also the middle. Men in black
suit could be seen at their various strategic positions with black
glasses on their faces.
Three of the men approached Bilal, Faridah and Muktar and took
their luggage into the house. Hajia Fatima, Faridah and Muktar’s
mum came out with smile on her face. ” assalamualaikum mum”
Faridah greeted first. ” wa’alaikumsalam my princess. I have
missed you so much” Hajia Fatima said while she embraced
Faridah. “i have missed you too mummy. How is Home” Faridah
replied her mum. ” Home is fine my dear. How is studies” Her
mother added while they walked into the house. “assalamualaikum
. Afternoon ma” Bilal greeted. ” wa’alaikumsalam. What is your
name handsome?” Faridah’s mother replied Bilal. ” My name is
Bilal ma” Bilal replied. ” what a beautiful name. How is studies my
son?” she asked Bilal looking at his face. ” we thank Allah ma” Bilal
replied her while his eyes was not straight into hers. ” that’s nice
my dear” Hajia Fatima replied him. Muktar was happy because his
mother has never talk so patient, happy and long with any of his
friends before. This also makes Faridah to be happy as her
husband to be is talking so perfectly with her mum.
They came into the sitting room, rested a little bit and then stood
up for a freshen up before they eat. Their bags was taken inside as
Muktar insisted that he and Bilal are going to use the same room.
They ate and time for Salatul Zuhur came then they observed It.
Muktar remembered what Hajia Maimuna told them and he dialed
her number. They all talk with Hajia Maimuna before the line went
dead. ” Son, please i want us to have a discussion. I know you
need to relax for now but please come let us talk” Hajia Fatima told
Muktar. ” alright mum. No problem. Anything for mummy” Muktar
said while standing up from his seat..


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