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PATIENCE (Episode 28)


PATIENCE … (the reward for It)
. Mukhtar walked from his room with Zainab. When they got to the
parlour, Bilal was still there reading. “hey bro, you have to get
some rest” Muktar said while approaching him. Zainab went on her
own separate way. ” yap. Just a little bit then i will round up for
today” Bilal said while staring at Muktar. “alright” Muktar respond
while he sat on one of the chairs in the parlour with Bilal. “bro, that
is the girl i told you about when we were at Kano. Is she not
beautiful?” Muktar said while eyeing Bilal with smiles on his face. ”
yap. She is OK” Bilal replied while staring at his text Book. “hey
bro, i don’t like the way you commented. Please say something
serious na” Muktar respond in a weak voice. Bilal turned his face
at him and started smiling. ” hey bro. What else do you want me to
say na. Or do you want me to start admiring her for you?” Bilal
asked him while smiling. ” No ooo. You won’t dare me na” Muktar
respond while smiling too. ” Ok na. So free me ahbeg OOOO” Bilal
said while standing up from his seat.
. Zainab went straight to Faridah’s chambers and she told her that
her mother needs her presence. Faridah got up from her bed and
dressed up to go and meet her mother. ” has my daddy arrived?”
Faridah asked while wearing her jilbab. “Yes. But i think he is still
with some visitors” Zainab replied. Zainab opened the door for her
and she walk out before Zainab banged the door behind her. They
were on their way going to her mother’s chambers when they met
Bilal and Muktar at the sitting room talking and laughing. ”
assalamualaikum. I can see you guys are having a nice chat”
Faridah throws at them. “Yes sis. Where were you since” Muktar
question her. ” in her room sleeping, i guess” Bilal cut in while
smiling. ” hmmm. And who told you i was inside sleeping” Faridah
throws back at him. ” ahbeg, start going oo. Am not ready for
another JAMB question now oo” Bilal responded while lying back
on the chair. ” we can see that in your eyes na. So why making this
unnecessary question” Muktar throws back at her too. ” You guys
pinched me na” Faridah replied while walking away with Zainab..
. Faridah approached her mother’s door with Salam and she got a
response. She opened the door and saw her mother lying on the
chair at the edge of her room with phone in her hand. ” mummy,
you summoned me” Faridah said while lying on the bed. “Yes my
princess. I want you to tell me something” her mother replied.
“what is that mum” She question her mum. “who is that guy you
and Muktar came with” her mother throws back at her without
facing her. Faridah winked her eyes and then sat up on the bed.
“mum, i have told you he is just a friend nau” Faridah said in a
tricky manner of voice. ” Don’t lie to me dear. I won’t kill you if you
tell me what is between you and him” her mother replied in a tricky
manner too. Faridah was still on the bed staring at her mum. ” Ok
since you don’t want to tell me, then let me have your phone” her
mother said while stretching out her hand to have the phone from
her. “Muktar told me everything but i want to hear It from you
officially” her mother added while smiling. ” hmmm mum. He…”
Faridah starts stammering. “he is what?” her mother question her
in weak and low voice. ” he proposed to me and i accepted him.
Please mum, don’t mistook me. I love him that is why i accepted
him without telling you. Also, you have once told me not to miss a
golden opportunity if It comes my way and i know how to grab It”
Faridah pleaded. Her mum was still there on her seat staring at
Faridah in smile. “am happy for you my princess” Her mother said
while she approached Faridah with embracement. Faridah was
shocked at that. That was because her mother had never liked a
guy to the extent that she will be happy. ” mummy, why are you
happy like this” Faridah question her mother. ” Muktar had said a
wonderful thing about him and there are more of It that i want to
hear from you. Mukhtar didn’t tell me anything. I just said that
because i want to know how both of you are close. Mukhtar told
me you are more closer to him than he does ” Her mother
explained. Faridah was still staring at her mother even after she
ended the talk. ” Ok mum. I will tell you all you need to know about
him but first, you have to talk with him ” Faridah said while rolling
on the bed. ” No problem. I will do that” her mother replied.
. Bilal and Muktar stood up and went to Hon. Yusuf’s chambers.
They entered the parlour with Salam while Mukhtar’s father was on
call. He saw and he winked his eyes for them. When he ended the
call, he stood up from the rolling chair he was sitting on to the
couch chair at the corner of his home office. ” here are my
legends. How was your journey” he said while relaxing on the
chair. ” It was Ok dad” Muktar respond. ” alright. Bilal how is your
mother doing” he asked Bilal. ” She is doing great by Allah grace
sir” Bilal responded. “where is my little princess, is she not aware
that i am at home or she is with her mum” he asked. “Yes. She is
with mummy” Muktar respond. ” alright that is good. I will see you
guys when am done relaxing here” he told them while dropping his
shirt on the chair and walking to another room. ” alright dad” they
said while standing up to leave…


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