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PATIENCE .. (the reward for It)EPISODE 29. ( SEMI FINAL)… In the evening, Bilal and Muktar were in their room watching amovie series after they had observed their Salats with all theMuslims in the household. Zainab walked straight to theirchambers in order to call them to the dinning for the evening meal.She said Salam first before knocking the door. A response wasgiven to her and she was ordered to open the door which she did. “the dinner is ready and hajia said that i should inform you guys”Zainab said. “Ok. We shall be there in a jiffy. Thanks” Muktarrespond. Minutes after, Bilal and Muktar climbed down from thebed and they head to the dinning table. Daddy and Hajia werefacing at each other at a straight distance while Bilal and Faridahwere facing themselves at the opposite short distance of thedinning table. Mukhtar and Zainab were also facing themselves thesame way Bilal and Faridah were. They were eating and a sound ofthe spoon and plate is all they could here because there was anabsolute silence at the dinning table. Hon. Yusuf cleared his throatafter taking a sip of juice at his front. “darling, do you rememberthe boy i told you about that helped me get my wallet some yearsago at the Pharmacy?” Daddy question his wife while they were alleating on the dinning table. “Yes honey, i remembered. Such ahonest boy” Hajia responded with compliment. “the boy is righthere before you” Hon. Yusuf said while staring at Bilal. Faridah andMuktar were smiling. ” serious? Where is he let me thank him forthe kind – hearted behaviour he exhibit towards us” Hajia saidstaring at her husband. ” he is here. Look at that handsome boywith an immaculate heart” He said while pointing his finger at Bilal.Hajia Fatima was surprised and at the same time happy. Bilal wasstaring at his food with shyness on his look. ” are you serious?You mean Bilal is the boy?” Hajia said in bewilderment. “Yes mumhe is the one. Daddy introduced him to us not knowing that we arefriends the day he was invited for a seminar in our faculty” Muktarresponded with smiles on his face. “oh no. Thank you my son.Allah will reward you abundantly” She thanked Bilal while standingup from her seat to embrace him. ” Aameen” they all chorused.After eating they all matched to the sitting room to watch a TVseries except Hon. Yusuf who went to his own chambers to watchthe network news. Hajia Fatima was all busy staring at Bilal inamazement. “am happy my daughter has found a wonderful andhonest personality to be her husband in sha Allah. Mukhtar wouldnot feel lonely anymore. OH Allah, i give thanks to you” HajiaFatima soliloquizes while staring at Bilal. The time clocks ten oclock and everyone left the parlour for their various rooms… In the morning, Hon Yusuf summoned all the body guards and themaids to sitting room while Bilal and Muktar were at the footballcourt in the compound playing ball. “You see the new boy thatMukhtar came with, i want all of you to accord him the samerespect and attention as you give to Mukhtar. Have i made myselfclear?” Hon. Yusuf stated while holding one of his ears. “Yes sir”they all chorused. ” now go to your various duty post and chores”He ordered. ” Ok sir” they all respond while taking their leave… WEEK AFTER… Bilal, Mukhtar and Faridah are preparing to leave for the school.The maids and the guards took their luggage inside the car. Zainabcame to Where Bilal and Muktar were standing talking and toldBilal that Hajia wanted to see him. Bilal followed her and theycame to her room. “please Zainab excuse us” Hajia Fatima orderedZainab. Zainab left the room and they started discussing. “Thankyou for been good towards my children In the school. Faridah hastold me how close you are with her. Please don’t break her heart.Be there for her when she needs you. What ever that she does andIt hurts you, please don’t hesitate to inform me or tell Mukhtar.That is all i have to tell you ” Hajia ended her talk. ” i heard all thatyou have said. I promise to be there for her and never to break herheart. I will make you and daddy proud of us ” Bilal said. Hajia washappy hearing that and Bilal went out… Bilal came out and met Hon. Yusuf talking with Mukhtar andFaridah. Hon. Yusuf took Bilal’s hand and move him aside in orderto talk to him. ” My son, please take a very good care at Faridah.Her mother told me something about the both of you and i amhappy at that. Be there for her and never break her heart. You arelike an elder brother to Mukhtar now, so treat him like your bloodbrother” Hon. Yusuf advised Bilal while tapping him on hisshoulder. ” No problem sir. I promise to make you proud of us”Bilal respond.They walk back to Muktar and Faridah and he started advisingthem generally. After that, he ordered the PA to arrange one millionfor them and that was done immediately. Hajia Fatima came outand then embraced the three of them before the car zoomed offfrom the scene…. SHOULD I CONTINUE???


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