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PATIENCE (Episode 7)


. “good morning sir” Bilal greeted but the man didn’t respond
because he is making a phone call. Bilal exercised patience a little
bit and the man wined down the door glass of his car. “how can i
be of help son” the man asked. ” good morning sir” Bilal greeted
once again. “morning, how may i help you” the man said. “i think
this belongs to you” Bilal said stretching out his right hand with the
wallet. ” oh, yes my dear It is mine. Where do you took It from” the
man asked in excitement. ” over there” Bilal said pointing his finger
at the pharmacy store. ” you left It on the table” Bilal explained. ”
May Allah reward you abundantly my son” the said in appreciation.
” Aameen” Bilal answered in amazement. All this while he has been
discussing with this man, he didn’t notice he is a Muslim. “by the
way, where are you going with drugs in your hands” the man
asked. ” hmm, It is for my mother. It is a long story sir” Bilal
stated. “your mother, please come into the car and explain
everything to me” the man urged him. Bilal came into the car and
the he began the story. The man was shocked. “A little boy like you
facing all these scenarios” the man asked rhetorically. Bilal was all
in tears. The man bid Bilal to show him the hospital where his
mother is been admitted and he did exactly that. The man came to
the hospital and paid all the necessary bills. He gave Bilal the
money left on him at that moment in time which is hundred
thousands Naira. He also gave him his phone number and told him
not to hesitate or forget to call him whenever he needs help. Bilal
and his aunt thanked the man and prayed to Allah for a
replenishment of what the man gave them in bazillion. The man
bid them fare well and he drove off. The treatment has started and
Bilal is a little bit relieved. He thanked Allah for answering his
It is 3 pm in the afternoon and his mother is awake. Bilal is now
happy. They talk and laugh at each other. It is now that Bilal
remembers Faridah. ” Oh my God! i haven’t call her” Bilal
exclaimed. ” who is that” his mother asked. Bilal glance at his
mum for a while and said ” she is a friend of mine and also a
course mate. I was with her preparing to go to school for our test
before aunty’s call came in to my phone. I promised to call or text
her immediately i landed kano safely but i haven’t” Bilal explained.
” let me go and charge my phone so that i will call her” Bilal added.
” Ok my son. Be careful oo” his mum said. ” Yes mum, i will” Bilal
Bilal has charged his phone. He is afraid if Faridah will believe his
story. Immediately he switched on his phone, he saw a text and It
is from Faridah. The text states “please dear, call me so that i can
hear your voice and know how you are fairing. Am worried and
panicking already” Faridah wrote. Bilal feels sorry and he dialed her
number. She didn’t pick her calls. Bilal became worried and started
feeling guilty. He tried her number twice but she didn’t pick. Bilal
decided to leave It till evening.
Around 5 o clock in the evening, Bilal’s phone started ringing. He
took his phone out from his pocket and behold It is Faridah calling.
He picked the call and explain everything to her. Faridah accepted
his apology and they talked for a while before the line went dead..


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