Home Islamic story PATIENCE (EPISODE 8)



. It is Wednesday afternoon. Bilal, his mother and aunt are
preparing to leave the hospital. Bilal is now happy. Soon, the
Doctor arrived and he made prescription of some drugs to them.
Bilal thanked the Doctor and they made a way to leave for their
home. Bilal’s aunt insisted that his mother should stay with them
since she has not regain herself. Bilal thanked her and the opinion
was implemented and carried out immediately.
They arrived home safely and the aunt went to the kitchen to
prepare something for the dinner. She bid Bilal to go to their
neighbour and bring her children for her. When Bilal was on his
way coming back to the house with the kids, his phone ranged and
he picked It. It was Faridah. She told Bilal that they are having
another test on Friday. Bilal became somehow unkept. He assured
her that he would be there before on Friday since his mother is at
home already. Faridah asked about his mum and he told her that
she is feeling better than before. They talked for a while and the
line went off. Bilal was at home thinking about his lost mark of the
previous test. ” how am i going to make It” he soliloquizes. His
mother urged him to resume his schooling and he made his mother
understand that he is going tomorrow. He presented the money
that the man gave them at the hospital to his mother. His mother
divided It equally and gave one share to Bilal for his upkeep when
he goes to school.
It is morning already and Bilal is set to leave. His mother prayed
for him and his aunt accompanied him to the junction. Fortunately,
the bus to Zaria is about to move and Bilal joined in. He and his
aunt waved at each other and the car zoomed off. An hour on their
way, suddenly, a tyre rolled out from the bush and It fell on the
road. Bilal noticed that the scenario isn’t a joke as some huge
hefty guys dashed out from the bush with Guns in their hands. “all
of you should fall out from that car at the count of two” the leader
of the gang stated. They all came out and lie on the floor…
To be continued in sha Allah..


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