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. They started searching their belongings one after the other. ”
please, spare our lives and free us for the sake of Allah” Bilal
pleaded. ” who made that comment” the leader of the gangs asked
furiously. ” i am the one, sir” Bilal responded. ” so you chop liver
dey mention dah kind name for here baa” one of the gangs added.
Bilal received a thorough beat of his life. He couldn’t talk anymore.
They snatched his phone from him including the money given to
him by his Mother.
After their robbery operation, they freed them. Bilal arrived Zaria
and he managed to find his way to his lodge. The beating spot
could be seen as his cheeks and face got roughed. Faridah was at
the school when he arrived. He opened his door, banged It behind
him and jumped into the bed in tears. He is weak and tired of life. ”
oh Allah, what have i done wrong. Where have i gone astray to
deserve all these punishment. Please, have mercy on your servant”
Bilal cried unto his creator. Minutes after, he slept off.
Faridah came back from school and was happy to see the door of
Bilal opened. “Assalamualaikum” Faridah greeted. She receives no
respond. She said the Salam again twice and no response. She left
there and opened her own room, then she entered with Salam. She
waited a little bit and there was no sign of anyone inside the room.
“why is the door open if he is not there” she questioned herself
rhetorically. She left the door because that is how Islam teaches. If
you knocked or said Salam to a house and you receive no
response, you are commanded to leave. That was what Faridah
did but now she couldn’t help It. She came up with an idea which
is to dial his number and she did that immediately but the phone
was switched off. When she couldn’t exercise more patience any
longer, she zoomed out of her room and approach Bilal’s door.
Immediately she unveiled the cotton at the entrance of the door,
she screamed ” Lailaha illa lah” ….


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