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Pregnant Nikkha


Aqidhu Nikkah is a great Sunnah.

Walimah Nikkah is nice too.

But when the bride’s pregnant, When
she walks down the aisle
bearing a protuding belly, The Nikkah
has being dishonoured.

And the bed? Defiled

Then, its no longer ‘Islamic Nikkah’ It is
called ”Thanksgiving celebration
because the couple has already joined

This is the common trend these days, I
dont admire nor applaude it.

the Zawjah before you become a Umm.

If you have never heard it, pls hear
this now,,,,,,, that
Introduction is not Nikkah.

Engagement is not Nikkah.

Dating and courtship ain’t Nikkah.

‘Will you marry me?’ ‘I will’, is not Nikkah.

‘His papa and mama already know me’ is not Nikkah.

Your fiance/fiancee is not your
wife or husband.

You dont own his or her body and can’t
demand for it!

Nikkah is the ONLY license to
have sex.

Make the Nikkah bed before you
make babies.

Stop forcing yourself on a guy/
brother by proposing To him by getting pregnant.

Sisters, you are not
suya, so no tasting!!!You hear me so?

He wants to know if you are good in
bed, You are not a store sample..
..Tell Him

He wants to know if you are fertile, ,
,You are not a lab rat.

You come with a price (Dowry),, , dont

Some items comes with nice packaging,
and Until their price is paid, you cant
open to see what’s in it.

A man who pressurizes you for sex
because your Nikkah is days away will
ruin your relationship with Allah…BE

He’s not worthy of you.

And finally, when sin blinds our eyes,
We claim Love is blind the same way
we accuse the devil for atrocities

Allah Ta’ala already set His standards

He is not negotiating with you (sunnah).

Allah will not ask you to fornicate,
Beware of fake news.

I have heard stories of ladies who
received such news,,,,,,
‘be pregnant before Nikkah’.

Watch it!

Allah Ta’ala cannot contradict Himself.

May Allah grant us deep understand.


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