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Ramadan Tefsir Day 12: Who Are The Believers


“Blessed is he who earns his living through lawful ways and he whose inward status is good, outward is decent; spends his surplus wealth in charity; abstains from excessive talking; people remain safe of (any) evil from him; he treats others with justice. Surely whoever believes in Allah fears Him, and whoever fears Allah guards himself against the evils of this world.”

Let us ponder on the meanings, thoughts, and instructions of these everlasting words of the Glorious Messenger of Allah (s) in order to understand and apply them in our daily life. We can learn morals, good behavior, laws, and a whole system of life from Prophet Muhammad (s) who made clear the right path for us in order to guide us, so that we could purify ourselves and inform the rest of society.

It’s day 12 of Ramadan and we are happy to bring you all the information you will be needing through our daily Tefsir.

Download: Who Are The Believers
"Who Are The Believers" from @Islamichotspot by Ustadz Musa Ismail. Released: 2018. Track 1. Genre: Tefsir.
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