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Rewards for keeping Good Company 


Bismihi Ta’ala
قال الحكماء :من جلس مع ثمانية أصناف من الناس زاده الله ثمانية أشياء:
*That person who keeps the company of 8 types of people, Allah Ta’ala will increase him in 8 things:*
1⃣من جلس مع اﻷغنياء زاده الله حب الدنيا والرغبة فيها.

*He who sits with the affluent,  Allâh Ta’ala will increase his love for the world and inclination towards it.*
2⃣ومن جلس مع الفقراء زاده الله الشكر والرضا بقسمة الله تعالى.

*He who sits with the poor, Allâh Ta’ala will increase his level of gratitude and his pleasure with the distribution of Allâh.*
3⃣ومن جلس مع السلطان زاده الله الكبر وقساوة القلب.

*He who sits with with the Ruler/King(Politician),*

*Allâh Ta’ala will increase his pride and hardness of the heart.*
4⃣ومن جلس مع النساء زاده الله الجهل والشهوه.

*He who sits with women,*

*Allâh Ta’ala will increase his ignorance and lust.*
5⃣ومن جلس مع الصبيان زاده الله اللهو والمزاح.

*He who sits with children,  Allâh Ta’ala will increase his amusement and joking.*
6⃣ومن جلس مع الفساق زاده الله الجرأة على الذنوب والمعاصي واﻹقدام عليها،والتسويف في التوبة.

*He who sits with sinners,*

*Allâh Ta’ala will increase his boldness to sin and disobedience and him delaying repentance.*
7⃣ومن جلس مع الصالحين زاده الله الرغبة في الطاعات.

*He who sits with the pious, Allâh Ta’ala will increase his inclination to obedience.*
8⃣ومن جلس مع العلماء زاده العلم والورع.

*He who sits with the Ulama, Allâh Ta’ala will increase his knowledge and piety.*


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