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Sheikh Habiblah Adam Alilory, Sahih Bukhari 


We didn’t tell them not to read sahih bukhari or to throw away the book or disregard it. We only let them know that the book contains some errors and hadith that are not authentic and we gave them references including that of Albani. We told them Sahih Bukhari was written by human who is not a Prophet and any book apart from the Qur’an is not free from errors. Nobody is infallible except the Prophet. The Qur’an is the most authentic book that is not faulty and it is perfectly free from errors. We pointed out some contradictions in saheeh bukhari for people to know. As far as the principles of hadeeth and hadeeth criticism is concerned, it is not the book of hadeeth that matters but the hadeeth itself and there are principles for accepting and rejecting hadeeth. The errors and mistake in saheeh bukhari do not make the book invalid. Any hadeeth that will give Islam or the Holy Prophet Muhammad a negative image should be rejected no matter the source of the book. In Saheeh al-Bukhari there are several sound hadeeth and they give Islam and the world the true positive picture of Islam. All what we did was just criticism in order to establish the true picture of Islam and let the world know that Islam is peace and free from extremism, terrorism and aggression. We gave them references for anyone who cares to research. The Holy Prophet Muhammad was a mercy to the entire creation.


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