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Sheikh Muh Jamiu Ajadi Sanusi Ami Olohun clocks 28


ALH. SHEIKH JAMIU AJADI SANUSI (AMI OLOHUN) was born in a small town in OYO state called KISHI to the family of ALHAJI SANUSI ALASODUDU in the year 1991.

The greatest history of my life started when i was at age of 4 month because i started walking at the age of 4 month, and i talk as if i was an elder man at the age of 9 month.

My mother atestted to the fact that, when she carry my pregnancy, that was when she had already knew my sex and the kind of person i”m going to be because she felt the sign and spirit even in her dream, exactly as she said. my entire family got astounded about the mystery that happen when i was two years of age in year 1993 during the RAMADAN period, at the last ten days of Ramadan, on one faithful afternoon when it was time for everybody to go to mosque for Prayer. the young boy(sheikh jamiu ami olohun) suddenly rise up and that nobody should go to the mosque that todays prayer is going to be done infront of our house and i am going to lead and conduct the prayer.

To the surprise of everybody no one could questioned or ague with me mere looking at the boldness, courage and confidence from a boy of two years. the prayer of that day was made infront of our house which i read my first chapter in the holy mighty book of ALLAH QUR”AN (SUURATUL KADR).

it was a shock for everybody because the young boy(sheikh jamiu ami olohun) does not learn QURAN from anybody and more also at the age of two years. after that day work of Allah commence, i started gathering people to teach them the word of Allah with the holy quran and people get astounded throught the words that are coming out of my mouth.

my parents want me to go to school, but so many times when i was in secondary school i knew before they thought us. i started travels from Kishi to Shaki, Ogbooro, Igboho, Igbeti, for Allah”s work without anybody”s consent at age of 11 in year 2002. when i was young my parents most especially my father was seriuosly against my going out for Allah”s work because i was very very young and as well as the fact that he want me goes to school.
another thing that amazes my teacher at school was that i was found on so many occasions teaching my mates what the teacher has not even taught us in the class. in my quest of delivering the holy message of almighty Allah to the entire universe. therefore during my secondary school time i ran from Kishi to Shaki and from Shaki to Ogbomoso .to Oyo to Ibadan and finally to lagos without knowing anybody or coming to lagos before at age of 12 in year 2003 i did my own HIJRAH precisely at the age of twelve years. a twelve old boy who was not seen at home for complete two years.

i started on a very rough platform in lagos because i know nobody in lagos and couple with the fact that i was very young boy.

the struggle for survival become a battle to fight and combat with in my life i have already learn to get adapted with any form of situation and challenges that comes my way .

ALLAH is the greatest. before i got to lagos i boarded a vehicle going to lagos at motor park in ibadan oyo state. on this fateful day, i had just seventy naira only in my pocket so inside the bus i met one man, thereafter tete –a—- tete ensured. the man asked me “young alfa where are you off to”? i answered “am going to lagos state” he asked me again”what is your mission of going to lagos”? i replied “am going there to preach the word of Allah to the people. in addition, i also asked him “why are you going to lagos”? he answered “am a business man, i did business with some of my business partners and they promised to send my own share of the profit through one of their boys unfortunately they failed to fulfil their promise that is why am going to lagos” miraculously. i was commanded, i now told the man” you had better go back home, because those men you are going to meet in lagos are already here in ibadan, waiting for you at your house” but he underestimated me, he just said ” young alfa do you care for egg”? i said yes and he bought it for me. he was profoundly puzzled when his wife came to confirm what i had already revealed to him. the man was so elated to the extent he paid my transport fare and also gave me five hundred naira as pocket money.

i could not eat the egg because i was fasting therefore i bought poly bag and kept both the money and egg inside the bus, got to lagos at exactly 12:30 pm i alighted at iyana ipaja. i was just roaming around for complete six hours. when it was around 6:30 in the evening. i wanted to buy food so that i can break, as i dipped my hand inside the poly bag where i kept the money, i discovered there was a paper inside the poly bag. i just picked the money and went to buy food as i was contemplating on the next step to take, God sent a willing helper, who asked me to bring out the paper inside the poly bag.

marvelously, but i was not so surprise with the question he asked because all my journey was ordered from God and i believe He’s with me as my guidance. when i brought it out i saw that it was an address written with my own hand written stated iyana ipaja to ipaja to ayobo to bada to olohunninshola. he now directed me me with the address led me straight to olohunninshola and droped there around 8:00pm. started roaming around again in front of a mosque till 11:00pm. i felt cold but i must ask nothing from no one as an order (from Allah) i saw no one again on the street i stood alone. then some one flashed me with his touch light deeply in to my eyes i think may be he’s a vigilante, suddenly he called alfa jamiu 3* i replied yes. who are you? its me, who? alfa muniru aladie. muniru aladie was a master of ceremony (MC) in shaki he knows me from there. he was so amazed to see me can you please come in with me? he asked “yes” ALHAMDULILLAH
Muniru was living with his brother wahid aladie. they all received me with open arms.
as i was already qouted above “the struggle for survival become a battle to fight and combat with in my life i have already learn to get adapted with any form of situation and challenges that comes my way”

I started going with mr wahid aladie to his shop, where he was selling paint. i sold paint with him for few months i was not feeling ridiculed because it was an order you must obey and follow any offer we push across your way either you like it or not am (Allah) solidly behind you. one day mr wahid aladie just asked me,but my brother told me you an islamic preacher, i said yes.
God now used him to contact some imams at bada , there by created an a venue for me to kick start the work of ALLAH in lagos. they organized islamic lectures, where i preached and lecture meticulously the first topic i treated was “who is a child” i lectured/preached vehemently and tremendously at olohunishola, bada, ayobo, and ipaja.

My image started booming despite that i started at a very local platform (olohunishola) lagos.


Alhamdulilah, today Sheikh Jamiu has become a world wide known scholar, May today brings him a long life with sound health and more wealth.


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