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Sheikh Muhammad Saaleh Almunajjid 


Shaykh Muhammed Saaleh Almunajjid, the founder and manager of the famous www.islamqa.com website, is leading praying the funeral prayer for his own son, Anas, who was tragically stabbed to death by unknown people. Umm Anas, Anas’ Mother, wrote the following poem regarding her son in Arabic:
As the caravans of sadness reach us, where are the tears to console us?  

We don’t cry over our affliction because of Qadar (predestination), instead we swallow our sadness like a bitter-sweet drink 

There can be no objection to what our Qadar has brought, nor can we object to the decision of our Creator

However, with the departure of his shrouded body, our hearts bleed from deep pangs of suffering 

O Allah, please forgive us our tears for Anas, as he was our guiding star in the darkness

Our lord, bless his place of rest and grant us patience as our companion in hardship.



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