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Sheikh Mukadam Alhaji Muh Robiu Adebayo AbdulMaliq @ 83


Sheikh Robiu Adebayo AbdulMaliq was on the 2nd of April 1936, He hails from Layaju family in isale koto Area in Ilorin Township, Kwara State. The family is well known for its Scholarship in Islamic religion.

Sheikh Robiu has his Quranic Tutelage with his Alfa called Sheikh Muh Sodiq Labaka in Ilorin.

He later moved to his Father’s friend called Sheikh Sambo in Ilorin to learn how to speak Arabic Language and Islamic laws.

Sheikh Robiu later followed his parent to Lagos in 1961 where he furthered his Quranic and Islamic Education with great Islamic scholars like

1, Sheikh Zakariyah who was the cheif Imam at a Central Mosque in Ebute Meta

2, Sheikh Ahmad Tijani alias Meni Meni (a native of Oyo)

Due to Sheikh’s untiring effort to be first amongst firsts. He enrolled to further his education with Lebanese Arabic school called Daaru l Mulimeen situated at Yaba, Lagos.

He was graded excellent at the end of his course with the school.

He joined the Tijaniyyah group under great great Islamic leaders.

He became of upmost intimate with Sheik of all Sheikhs, the undisputed leader Alhaji Sheikh Al muqodam Muhammad l Awwal (RTA). They both have been of immense benefit to Islamic world. Sheikh Robiu Adebayo AbdulMaliq has travel extensively visiting places of interest to the Muslims in the Arab countries and propagation of Islam to the western world.

He presently has followership in America and many European countries like England.

He is the proprietor of Government approved Islamic and Arabic School Mahd l iftahi Wa N Najat institute of Arabic and Islamic and Islamic studies located at 7, Alabi Owoyemi Street, Oworo Shoki, Lagos.

The School is affiliated to Azhar University in Cairo Egypt.

Many graduates of the school are presently furthering their Education in Cairo. Saudi Arabia, Syria and Morocco.

Sheikh Robiu is a kind giver, a good mixer, an amiable person.

May Almighty ALLAH endowed him with long life, more knowledge and sound health. Ameen


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