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Short biography of Shaykh Yahya Salaty Amirul Jaesh 


The renowned scholar, is a grammarian, mystical, poet, Islamic philosopher, jurist, person is Shaykh muhammad yahya Salati,

The son of Shaykh Hashim bn muhammad baba, bn Abdulsalam (kofasamu; simply means: the fearless), by which his father was a Nephew to popular and reformer of Qa’diriyah order in Yoruba land in nigeria.

Shaykh Hamad rufai nda salati, while his mother sahadah is one of Shaykh nda Salati’s Daugthers.

He was born in Ilorin in the year 1960 he started his Arabic education background from his uncle Shaykh Buhari.

In 1968 he was enrolled at Ansar Islam primary school Okekere Ilorin, for the western and Islamic Education.

He finished his primary level in 1976, And Because of his quest and thirsty for knowledge he moved to lagos the same year where he lived with Shaykh Abdullah salati and later  became  alter ego to Shaykh Sha’zili Sambo oganija as his first pupils which also enrolled to marcaz (Islamic training centre at Agege the same year 1976).

He finished both stages (Ida ‘di and Tha’nawi) at marcaz and graduate in 1983. In February 2, 1985 he was appointed as Imam at masjid Aranse Oluwa, Olumo street, Papa Ashafa Agege, lagos.

He joined Ansa’r Deen Society of Nigeria in 1985 through Alhaji Abdul Azeez Adeshina and served as deputy missioner of Fadeyi branch till 1998.

He performed his first haj in 1990. In 1998, he was appointed as the missioner of ojodu branch till 2012.

He resigned from the society in 2012 and stand as chief Imam in his permanent Masjid at Denro Ojodu Ogun State. He was a married man and blessed with many children.

He succeeded shaykh Abdullah salati after his dimise for ramadan tafsir at ode-alfanda, ilorin since 2005 till date and he has since moved the programme to the greater height.

In 2002 He delivered a paper at “usbuhu shaykh” marcaz agege on the topic:


In 2011, He visited “el-azhar el-sherif” and met some personels like shaykh el azhar tanta’wi and others.

He also attended maolid at senegal in 2012 and related sufis conferences in which he was honoured to contribute to the theme of the day , a rare opportunity to come by.

In 2003, he officially established madrasah (Ibtida’hiyah section) at denro lshashi ogun state.

He wrote many books with arabic language such like;

Manzumatul alfiyah (on philosophy),

El hahaji el sufiyah (on sufism),

Jada’wilu qa’nunil fikr (on logic),

Diwa’nu shir lateef (on ode/ poem) and others.

He is da’hiyah per excellence in our immediate society. He has attended lectures and conferences every part of the nation like:





Oyo and others.

He almost travel accross the globe for “dahwa” to mention vew:

Saudi arabia-

Benin Republic-

Port Novo (more than a time),

Egypt (2011),

Senegal (2012),

Canada (2016),

Italy/rome (2016),

France (2016),

United state of america (2017).

In summary, he was pronounced in 1996 as Amirul jaysh Qa’diriyah (The commander Chief of Qa’diriyah in Yoruba land, He is Chief imam, author, rector and the head of sawa’ya jilani and its branches in nigeria, Benin and dubai . He has students and “sa’likun” of qa’diriyah order…

Finally he passed away. Thursday 5th of July, 2018


May Allah be pleased with this our humble lecturer and great Sufism, forgive all his shortcomings and grant him Jannatul Firdaws.

Please help me say “Amen “


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