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To Single Muslimah out there!
*”Everyone around me is getting married. When is my turn?”*

Dear sisters who didn’t get married yet and afraid of what people may say about her. Don’t worry. Marriage is Rizq from Allaah and He will surely grant it to when He wills it and not when you want it. Don’t care of what people may say about you, remember that Maryam (Radi’Allaahu Anha) not got married and she is the only woman who has a whole Surah with her name!*
So if not having a husband is a defect, she wouldn’t has been mentioned in Qur’an! Not getting married is not a flaw or a defect but not maintaining chastity is.*
The real defect is that a woman doesn’t preserve her purity and chastity. Be patient and be sure that Allaah will reward you greatly for your patience at the end this Dunya is not about men or getting married but about submitting your will peacefully to Allaah and accept what ever He decrees for you.*
Be patient and believe in His timing. Faith in Allaah includes faith in His timing. Whether it’s now or later, Allaah knows better!*

May Allaah grant you a righteous husband, #Aameen.*


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