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(part 2)

The thing is, my husband is planning on taking in a new wife. And I am not liking it at all,Nafisah said in tears. So? Then why are you in tears?asked khadijah. Because,I can’t bear the thought of sharing my husband with another woman,said Nafisah.

Hmm! now you understand the pain I was passing through when Idris was planning to take in a new wife. Weren’t you the one telling me to take it easy,said khadijah.

The worst of it is that Al-amin is asking me to consider her my sister than a co-wife,said Nafisah.

You advised me with the exact same words”you even quoted a verse from the Qur’an for me”said Khadijah.

My friend! now I understand an adage that says”one doesn’t know where the shoes hurts,until one puts them on themselves” I couldn’t feel the pain you were passing through then,what do you advise I do?asked Nafisah.

I advise you take things gradually and easily,and also pray about it,you should consider her your sister when she comes in, advised khadijah.

I can’t do that,”I will visit a Mallam to give me charms to stop the wedding”I cant take it, the thought of this is driving me nut,said Nafisah.

Take it easy,life is not about haste,”come rain,come shine”. Advised khadijah. I advise you visit Mallam Siraaj for more understanding, he was the one who helped me with the same issue Khadijah added.

I have made up my mind I will visit….


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