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(part 5)

Well…Mallam… “I am just human,I have my flaws too,but I will try my best to do justice amongst my wives in’sha Allah” said Al-amin.

You should know that doing justice amongst your wives is a must and not a choice,because

Allah (s w t) says;

“If you fear you can’t be equitable to orphan girls (in your charge,or misuse their persons) then marry women who are lawful for you,two,three or four;but if you fear you can’t treat so many with equity,marry only one or maid or captive,this is better than being iniquitous”.(suratul Nisah Qur’an 4:3).

This verse of the Holy Qur’an tell us how just a man must be amongst his wives and if he can’t he should marry only one wife,said Mallam Siraaj.

Ma sha Allah Mallam;you have said it all,now I shall accept my husband’s decision to take in a new wife,because if he doesn’t do justice among us,he has Allah (s w t) to answer for that,.said Nafisah.

Mallam!we should be on our way now,thank you so much,said Al-amin. And they both bid salam to Mallam Siraaj and they left.

“Al-amin with Nafisah at home”.

I am fully ready to accept your new wife as a sister,said Nafisah.

Am happy you have accepted,said Al-amin. But,on one condition,said Nafisah. And what condition could that be?asked Al-amin. That you get her a different apartment. But why? Asked Al-amin. Because I think It would yield peace amongst us for now,said Nafisah. Hmm!Al-amin sighed loudly,I dont know if I can do that,but…..?


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