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Story of a Parrot 


There was a sheikh who was teaching his students aqeedah (faith)… he taught them -‘La ilaha illa Allah’-and explained its meaning to them.The sheikh loved keeping pets, so he was given a pet by one of his students as a gift (a parrot). And as days passed, the sheikh started to like the parrot. He used to take it to his lessons, until the parrot learnt to say _’La ilaha illa Allah’_, and would utter it day and night.

One day the students found their sheikh crying and sobbing. When they asked him reason, he told that a cat attacked the parrot and killed it. They said: “Is this the reason why you are crying? If you wish we would bring another parrot better than that one.” The sheikh said:” I’m not crying because of this… But when the cat attacked the parrot, it was shouting and screaming until it died.He used to say _”La ilaha illa Allah”_ , a lot. However, when he was attacked by the cat, he forgot to say it. He did nothing but scream…..! Because he used to say it just with his tongue only, and his heart didn’t learn it! So, he did not feel it…!!” Then the sheikh said:” I am afraid to be like this parrot, we live our lives repeating _“La ilaha illa Allah”_with our tongues, but when death comes we forget it because our hearts do not know it…..When he told his students this, they started crying in fear of lack of honesty in saying.. _“La ilaha illa Allah”_…🏵
This is really a clear reminder to those who are reading it right now. Our condition may be similar to that of parrot… So we need to….FEAR ALLAH… FILL OUR HEART WITH THE LOVE OF ALLAH.. BE SINCERE. WE ARE NOT HERE TO IMPRESS ANYONE EXCEPT THE CREATOR…THIS WORLD IS A PLACE OF MERE ILLUSION…!


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