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Taqiyyah (The fated love) chapter 8


Yusuf lost his mum at a tender
age of 8,during the birth of his
younger brother Yakub… Their
Abu took care of Yakub till he
grew up… Later he married a
second wife that’s your step
narrated…when she noticed I
had cried out almost all the tears
in my eyes…but I wonder how
this story get related to me
marrying Yeseer…
Then she automatically became
their mother, your dad said she
was nice to them… But the only
problem she had was that she
chased every family member
away from Abu….just as if Abu
was bewitched,he listens to only
her…every other family member
left Abu ….to cut the long story
short …your father fell in love
with me and my parent accepted
him wholeheartedly… But only his
father accepted me,the step mum
didn’t… But Allah knows how she
wasn’t able to convince Abu
We did our nikah,but she
wouldn’t stop pestering me that
I only came to exhaust their
wealth…. I sobbed alone so many
times bcus of frustration… My
husband couldn’t leave the
apartment bcus Abu insisted we
won’t leave him unless my
husband built a house… At least
we had our own convenient
apartment in that very big
compound…. Suddenly every of
the family member detest me and
my husband including Abu and
Yakub…. Allah knows maybe she
had bewitched Yakub too…..
Abu sent me packing one
night,he was saying I am a
prostitute that I could not
conceive… He even said I have
turned his sons back to him….he
called me all sort of names, my
husband couldn’t bear the
frustration so we relocated to
Auchi,that’s actually before I had
u bcus I wasn’t able to conceive
until 6 years after our Nikah…she
said with tears rolling down her
cheeks..The funniest thing that
made it obvious that Abu was
bewitched was that this
stepmother too has no child of
her own ever since they got
married, so why is he now
disturbing me bcus of a child….
But later after Yakub had been
kidnapped and your father had
Died.. Abu sent for me and he
pleaded for everything, I
understood him bcus I knew that
he wasn’t himself when he sent
us out …no reasonable father will
do that… it was the work of Allah
though stepmother was the
sabab…step mother got sick and
almost everything they had was
sold to treat her but she didn’t
survived… She was even the one
who tagged my husband to have
used his brother for ritual….
Though she apologized before
her death but the deed was done
already… Abu died also few
months after her death…. She
Itunuoluwa,can u see how
everything was wrong just bcus
stepmother don’t want me as his
step son’s wife…….she asked
cleaning are tears….
I was also sobbing but I can’t still
get how it’s related to me and
Then she started another story…..
When Sekinah and Yeseer were
still in polytechnic… They were
friends to each other ..they share
sister-brother or what I say
Family love with nothing
But everyone knows Sufyan and
Sekinah wanted to marry each
other….. But Ummu (Alhaji’s
sister),don’t want that at all…she
stopped Sufyan from coming
here and even warned me not to
allow him visit me……since then
she had been planning how
Yeseer and Sekinah will get
married…….she said….
I wanted to ask a question,but
she started again… Sekinah is
actually adopted by Ummu who
has lost her womb during her
youth age…..Tekiyah this is
actually a secret I am disclosing
to u…though Sekinah herself
knew she was adopted but she
hasn’t been treated like an
adopted child..so tell me how
Yeseer will marry u without u
going through similar experience
I went through….she asked.
I sighed and was lost of words….
You don’t know about this bcus
u came when Yeseer had already
given up on being single than
getting married… Had it been u
were here 5 or 6 years ago u
wouldn’t love staying here…….I
can’t allow my own daughter to
be a victim of oppression…… I
know Ummu can go any length
in fulfilling her dream…..
I don’t really want to tell you this
bcus I thought u only love Yeseer
bcus of his parent wealth, so I
thought u will get over it
soon,but I noticed my thinking
was wrong and u can get
yourself injured, that’s y I
revealed everything….the fearful
things is that Ummu is just the
head of the family,anything she
says is the final….. Pls dear I never
meant to hurt u and I will like u
to learn from my experience….
she concluded…..
No wonder… I said with a very
low voice……
I used to think of bro sufyan and
even Ummu Jamal not visiting us
…but I don’t really think there is a
tangible reason behind it…and
also Sekinah and Yeseer don’t
really talk….but I use to think
maybe bcus they are opposite
sex…I said aloud….then I
remembered how much I love
Yeseer……will I just waste all my
feelings like that???….tears rolled
from my eyes but I quickly clean
it with my hand…………
I hugged my mum and asked her
to forgive me for any
inconvenience….. But I couldn’t
promise her that I will forget
about Yeseer….
To be continue In shah Allah…..


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