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Taqiyyah (The fated love) Episode 4


Nights turn into days, days into
weeks,weeks into months and
months into years….
This is my second year at BK
fashion home….since I told Ajiah
that I love sewing,I was enrolled
in Aunty Bukky’s shop…
Allah really gave me a retentive
memory coupled with the fact
that I wasn’t a novice when I
enrolled, before my eight month
stay..I have been cutting cloth
into different styles perfectly…
Before a year i have been sewing
my cloth myself, also my mum’s
cloth… Even some times I sew
Ajiah’s cloth because I already
have a sewing machine…
Alhamdulilahi for the gift so
far,am already a free seamstress
after my two years of
apprenticeship.. Not more an
apprentice…. Aunty Bukky is really
fond of me that she don’t even
want to free me but she get no
choice as I can’t be an apprentice
Back in the house,Yeseer is
already in his final year,as
bro.Sufyan in 300level and I am
planning to take the JAMB form….
JAMB Form was finally out,I got
one and filled all the institutions
to be in Abuja because If I should
leave Abuja ,there will be no one
to assist ummy in chores…I
initially wanted to apply for part
time program but mum wasn’t in
support of it…telling me I can be
full time and come home during
Alhamdulilahi JAMB didn’t jam
me,but it wasn’t a wow grade
anyway.. I had 185 as my
score…though the course I chose
was actually 180 but there are
thousands of students that will
also apply for that same course
and their grade may be higher
than mine…. But I believe I will
not be tested with what I can’t
After all the necessary screening
exams…the federal university
admission list had been coming
out batch by batch for more than
a month.. But my name wasn’t in
any of the batch..
It was a very cool morning, after
my solah and adhkar,I decided to
check my phone message and to
my surprise I have been offer
admission in the state
university… I quickly made the
prostration of gratitude to thank
my Rabb…
Mum mum…as I shouted with a
lot of joy.I have been offered
admission to study English
Education… Though I chose
History and international studies.
But we planned, Allah planned
and he is indeed the best
The joy had made me forgot to
greet mum..then we exchange
the Teslim… As usual she prayed
for me and congratulated me
with every of her statement
carrying expression of joy until
she asked if it were state or
Can we actually afford the State
university ‘s school fee?????mum
asked.. Bcus I use to see how
Ummu Anif run helter-skelter for
money whenever her son want
to return to school and I will not
like to start what I can’t end.. She
said,with some sad
expressions….But don’t worry
Allah will surely do the best…she
assured me and fake a smile….
Through out that day I was
feeling happy but whenever I
remember about the fee my
mood will swing…….
I could observed how mum had
been sad through out that
day…she wasn’t her normal self…..
I woke up in the middle of the
night surprisingly I met her
sitting on the bed and not
Maami,why aren’t you sleeping
,don’t tell me u are thinking of
school fee…maami,I want u to
know that if it’s destined for me
to go Allah will send a helping
hand and if it’s not,Education is
just a key to success and it’s
never the only key..and besides
am not an illiterate,i already had
my O’level result…..I can still take
another JAMB form next year at
least am just 19years old….I said
those words to console mum but
deep down in me I know I really
don’t want to lose this
Itunuoluwa thanks for
understanding but I promise to
try all my best for u to go…In sha
Allah I will get the 30,000 for u to
pay your acceptance fee before it
closes on Monday…… She hugged
me and we slept off…
I was cleaning the sitting room
when Ajiah’s Teslim gave me a
break….. Waleikum salam ma,I
replied her….
Tekiyah u haven’t been
informing me about your
admission status.. What’s up
about it?Ajiah asked
Alhamdulilahi ma,actually, the
federal university had stopped
giving admission this year and in
all the batches released my name
isn’t on any…..but last two weeks
l was offered admission into the
state university to study English
education…..I responded
Tekiyah if I didn’t ask u ,you
wouldn’t have told me anything
abi…she asked with slight
No ma,I was also planning to tell
u before u asked,am sorry ma…I
Then how about the preparation
to resume and the fee…she
Alhamdulilahi ,I said and remain
Just Alhamdulilahi,no further
gist….but wait girl what did you
take me for,y are u acting like a
stranger….have told u several
time that I am nothing but your
second mum….OK how about the
payment… She asked with her
voice a little louder….
Ehnnnnn……we have actually pay
the acceptance fee but we are
yet to pay the school,hostel and
other fees…….I said with a very
low voice……
And how much is the fee and
when is it closing…. She asked…..
176,000 thousand ma and it’s
closing next tomorrow…. I replied
Subuhanalah!!!!TEKIYAH, do u
want to speak up after the
payment is closed????well I have
to see your mum…y can’t she tell
me about this earlier….
Be fast with what u are doing
and let get the money paid on
time so u could resume as soon
as possible… She said and left the
sitting room….
I couldn’t believe my ears…I was
actually thinking it was a dream
until I realized it was real….
Alhamdulilahi….. I am finally going
to be in school in two days
time…. Thanks to Ajiah.. She really
got me all I could need in
school,apart from food stuff,I
have more than enough
kimar,shoes and bags …I don’t
know if I can ever be grateful
enough for Ajiah’s care and
Yeseer is presently serving in
Abuja… He was initially posted to
Ekiti state but he was later
deployed to Abuja due to some
health issues…..
Am leaving for school now and I
know surely I will miss my
Darling mum,Ajiah and my
everyday crush Yeseer…. But
thank God I have a phone now,at
least to call my mum and Ajiah
whenever am missing
them….since I don’t have Yeseer
phone number,even though I
have,what are we going to be
discussing,I cannot even have it
unless I want to push myself very
close to fitnah…..my mind had
been battling with different
thought as I was arranging my
The D-day is here and I was very
happy and at the same time
worried as I haven’t live alone
before…but this is an inevitable
task that I have to go for and I
pray Allah will always guide and
protect me…
We arrived at the school ,I made
some clearance and I was told
my room number….. Ajiah and I
struggled with the luggage and
took them in ,as Yeseer was
sitting inside the car on the
driver’seat because males are not
allowed in the hostel it is for
females alone….
When we get to the room it was
room of two and we met no
one….Ajia helped in some
arrangement but she couldn’t
stay long so I escorted her… She
hugged me as we exchange
Teslim and told me not to
hesitate calling her if I need
anything and she also gave some
advice for me to continue being
the good girl I am and I should
choose my friend wisely…. She
entered the car and they left….
Two weeks after my
resumption,I already had a
roommate,I was lucky she is a
Muslim sister also,her name is
Of course u will have friends in
school… My roommate is the only
friend I have though…. We aren’t
in the same department as she is
in the department of micro
biology and I am in English
education,but we do things
together… Cook together and
even go to modrasah together…..
I don’t know why we get used to
each other so quick… It may
probably be bcus we are age
mate or bcus we are both
fresher…but she is really fun to
be with…
I was in the lecture room when
my phone vibrated, I couldn’t
pick, but I was forced to check it
who it was when it vibrated
again but when I saw an
unknown number… I just left it in
my bag as I don’t really like
answering unknown numbers, it
could be one of those boys that
use to pick my number from our
department WhatsApp
group,apart from that I am in the
After mogrib,my phone rang as I
wanted to pick i noticed it was
that same number that called in
afternoon…so I didn’t pick it.. It
then rang again and I picked it
this time……
I heard a Teslim of a very cute
voice sounding with the proper
rule of Tejwid on the Teslim…I
wanted to guess who it could be
,but I wasn’t able and I replied
the Teslim without giving space
for the caller to talk I asked “how
may I help you pls”…….
This is Yeseer.. The caller
I couldn’t help how I started
stammering and I can feel heat
immediately… Zeenat was actually
giving me that what happen?
kind of look…
Good evening Sir… I finally
Why were u silent all of a
sudden..he asked…
Silent.. I wasn’t silent it may be
network.. I replied.
OK,how is study,hope u are
getting use to all the stress…he
asked..and I replied him with
Alhamdulilahi….good to hear
that,I just called to check on
you…do take care of yourself and
we exchange Teslim and ended
the call….
Is that him…zeenat said jokingly
And who is him…..I replied….
Don’t bother answering me your
smile said it all…I hope u are OK
with cornflakes for dinner…. She
said smiling….
To be continue In Shah Allah..


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