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Taqiyyah (The fated love) Episode 7


Finishing exams sometimes
makes one feel like a load of
burden has been removed from
the head….
Alhamdulilahi,exam period is
over…I was already at home 2
days ago so also is my
I have concluded on giving
Yeseer a “yes” answer, if only he
will come himself to propose, so I
will be sure he wanted me and
he wasn’t forced by Ajiah….
I have also concluded on telling
my mum…I have been practising
different strategies to which I
will use to inform Ummy…
Sometimes I even soliloquize….
One fateful morning,after Subh…I
courageously spoke out,but the
response mum gave was
After we exchanged Teslim that
morning, she prayed for me as
usual… Then I told her I have
something to discuss with her
and she told me to speak up…
Hmmmmmm….I don’t even know
how to put it…I was just
squeezing my hands….
Itunu speak up now..,what on
earth do u have to say that u are
afraid of confiding in
me….Itunuoluwa, am ur
mother,pls confide in me pls,for
Allah sake….she pleaded…
Mum I don’t know how to say
it….I said raising my hand round
my neck…
Say it anyhow dear…she replied…
Ummy I want to m-a-r-r-y
Yeseer… I quickly said stressing
that word marry and looking
straight to the floor as if I
wanted to pick something….
Mum didn’t respond at first, but
all of a sudden she started
laughing….dear, which Yeseer,
she asked….
Ajiah’s son… I replied….
Tekiyah am not sure u are
awake….haahaa u can’t be awake
and be saying this things….. U see
sweetheart, if u really want to
marry am in support of
it,moreover I wasn’t up to ur age
when I married your dad…but it
can’t be Yeseer… So pls let
assumed we never discuss
this….right??.. She asked….
I replied yes ma in a tearful
So get up and go get ur chores
done…she said….
I stood up and went to the room
to take my hijab….I couldn’t help
myself…. I was just crying… When
I heard mum footstep,I cleaned
my face and rushed rushed out
to do my chores….
I couldn’t just concentrate on
what I was doing…regurgitating
on all what mum said…most
especially that part she said “but
it can’t be Yeseer”….
I was working but I can’t stop
the tears…
I don’t know why mum detest
the idea…she didn’t even give any
explanation…. I was very
unhappy and sluggish through
out the day,but mum pretended
as if she didn’t noticed….
I couldn’t sleep, I was just
thinking hard and weeping
profusely…. Until I later slept off…
I heard the Adhan in the
morning but I couldn’t stand up
as much as I tried… Mum came
near me to helped but I fell on
her and fainted….
I was rushed to a nearby hospital
where the doctor said I have
over stressed myself….
So she need some rest and later
in the day she Will be
discharged…said the doctor….
Though last semester was
stressful and I had so many
sleepless night bcus there were a
lot to cover with a very limited
time… But those weren’t the
cause of my sudden weakness…
Mum words causes my
I was later discharged in the
Ajiah has already made a
sumptuous meal… Though I have
no appetite but I ate little…..I took
my drugs but I couldn’t sleep…
I was just thinking very hard….
when I discovered I had gone so
much in thought,I quickly found
myself and remember it may just
be a Test from Allah…..
If Yeseer is good for me I will
surely marry him…I said to myself
and pick my Qur’an to read….
I was hearing mummy voice so I
stopped the recitation thinking
she was calling me, but she was
actually telling someone that I
was sleeping.
…I looked through the window
and I saw Yeseer…. I quickly
rushed out and shouted “I have
woken up”……
mum looked at me with a very
scary eye….but I pretended as if I
didn’t noticed, then she went
Asalamun aleikum he greeted….
Waleikum salam…….I replied
I wasn’t around since
yesterday,when Ummy called me
this morning she told me u were
sick, so how is your body
now..he asked
Alhamdulilahi …..I replied
Laa ba’sa tahoorun In shah Allah
(don’t worry it will be a
purification for you Allah
willing..he prayed and I said
He wanted to turn back but he
didn’t, then he said…. Tekiyah do
u want me to wait forever??
What have I done wrong??the
very first day I set my eyes on u,I
have started developing some
feelings….. But I wasn’t sure what
the feeling was ,so I decided to
give it time,instead of time to kill
these feelings,it was indeed
giving it strength…… Tekiyah I
really want to spend the rest of
my life with u…I want u to
complete half of my Deen,am not
in for any harm relationship, pls
allow me to make it Halal as soon
as possible… Tekiyah pls will you
marry me……..am tired of keeping
this feelings for almost four
years….Tekiyah pls be my
wife….he concluded……
I couldn’t believe the feelings
were mutual all this while….I can’t
say anything… My eyes were full
of tears…I don’t want him to
notice so I quickly ran inside
leaving him alone….
As I got to the door, I bumped at
mum,her expression shows she
heard every of our discussions
yet she didn’t say anything…. She
quickly pretended doing
something then I ran into the
room and cry profusely…….
I decided to stop thinking on the
matter hoping Allah will do the
best,so I started going to Aunnty
Bukky’s shop to pass time and to
help her .one day as I returned
from the shop, I met my mum
and Ajiah,they were actually
discussing but I don’t know
what they saying I only
heard”she is not ready for
marriage from my mum…. I
greeted them and walked I
inside then I heard my name….
Tekiyah, is it truly u aren’t ready
for marriage asked Ajiah…. Then I
looked at mum and answered
her…yes ma..I replied with tears
forming on my eyes…I quickly
rushed to the toilet pretending to
be pressed.,.deep down in me I
know am very ready as long as it
is Yeseer… But I don’t know mum
reason for opposing the
idea…and I just have to satisfy
her in order to avoid trouble….
I was seriously weeping in the
toilet without any one to console
To be continue In Shah Allah…..


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