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TAQIYYAH (The fated love)


It was a beautiful morning when
I woke up to feel the freedom in
my heart and the happiness of
seeing my mum again after some
years of departure.
My mum left Edo to Abuja to
hustle more and get a better
ends meet while I was in ss1,and
I have been staying with Ummu
Muiz,who happened to be my
mum best friend.
Life without a dad hasn’t been
easy,but with Allah grace and
mum unending efforts
everything has been fine. I never
knew who my dad was. Mum has
narrated that he died while her
pregnancy was just 3 months.
Mum told me he died of anxiety
and depression.
Though dad died when it was
his time to, but people pressure
on him was the speed behind his
As mum told me, dad can’t bear
being stigmatized for using his
own blood brother for money
Dad’s brother (uncle Yakub)was
kidnapped and all efforts to find
him were in vein, even till now
no one knows his whereabout,
and this had made my dad to
went through hell until angel of
death took him even before I
was born…
It’s was a Friday and i was set for
my journey to Abuja to see the
face of that gorgeous mama.
On arriving at Abuja very late in
the night, Bro. Sufyan and Ummu
Jamal were already waiting for
me at the pack. It was a very
stressful journey as I haven’t
travelled that far…
Bro.Sufyan as I use to call him is
the first child of Ummu Jamal
who is the only Hausa friend that
I know with my mum.. Only God
knows where they met because
despite difference in tribe they
are friends like sisters..
Ummu Jamal is also a widow
with 3 sons,bro sufyan the
first,Jamal the second and Nabil
the third.she resides in Abuja
and it was through her my mum
got the job she was doing there.
I Have really missed bro sufyan
and his younger one. Even
though we only met once during
a vacation they came to spent
with me and my mum when I
was in jss1..bro sufyan is very
nice and funny. Though I don’t
like how he used to made jest of
me whenever I was crying…
Abuja is a very nice place to
be.we finally got to Ummu Jamal
room and parlour self con
apartment where I have a
thorough shower,had my
solah,ate and slept off hoping to
see my mum tomorrow…
To be continue insha Allah…


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