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The Imam stole our spoon 


Some time ago, during RAMADAN, a couple invited a particular IMAM to their home for *Iftar*. After the IMAM left,  the wife said to the husband “Abu, I think the IMAM stole our spoon, Wallahi!” This bothered the woman for a whole year. Meanwhile,  a year later, during RAMADAN again, at the instance of the wife, the couple invited the IMAM again for *Iftar*.
Unable to resist, the wife summoned the courage and asked “Ya Imam, please, did you steal our spoon last year RAMADAN?”
Surprised and somewhat uncomfortable, the IMAM replied “No, Hajia, I kept it inside your Qur’an📖, on🔝 that 👉television🖥”
So, for a whole year, no single 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦member of the family opened the Qur’an📖 to read, nor to find the lost spoon. 
Are you, or is yours like the family in this story?
 When last did you read the Qur’an?
 When last did you hear from ALLAH?
When last did you have a sweet consultation with the Hadith of Prophet Mohammad (s,a.w)?
You see all our lost ”spoons”, all our lost properties we are looking for are all kept and can be found in the Qur’an. 
The Qur’an is the word of GOD,
Now if you don’t have a Qur’an, get one quickly-You are using a big phone but can’t buy a Qur’an?- 
And if you have a Qur’an and have not read it today,  drop this phone now and pick your Qur’an and read at least an *Ayah*.
 Finally make a plan to read the Qur’an DAILY!
Please If you are blessed by this, share to others.

Mah salaam waillaliqooi


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