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Vivy Yusof on smashing Muslim stereotypes


Find out the real reason why the FashionValet CEO proudly wears the headscarf

Over and above being a mother and a mogul, Vivy Yusof is also breaking down barriers along the way. The FashionValet co-founder and Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 honouree spoke on female empowerment, especially for fellow Muslim women during a sit-down interview with the magazine (ICYMI, this isn’t the first time she’s spoken out about being a proud Muslim woman).

“I think that there is the misconception that Islam wants women to be invisible and I don’t agree with that at all,” Vivy said. In fact, she feels that women are supposed to go forth and make a difference.

“Whatever God gives you, your talents, use them for the good of the world. And still look presentable,” she said, referring to the spur of her retail empire.

Vivy also shared her own experience of being prejudiced against because she wears a headscarf. While in America, she was pulled aside and placed in a room. However, she’s not discouraged over what happened.

“I understand [that kind of treatment] because there’s so much talk of terrorism and Islam, however biased I think that is,” the 29-year-old entrepreneur said.

“That’s exactly why I want to wear the headscarf, so that people will immediately be like, ‘Ah, she’s Muslim and hey, she’s not a terrorist, she’s not a horrible person and she can speak English! She’s just like us!'” Vivy said, cheekily.

Considering that Vivy is Malaysia’s youngest e-commerce entrepreneur with FashionValet and hijab brand dUCk under her belt, we’d say she has definitely proven all the haters wrong. Way to go, Vivy!


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