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Waiting can be Tiring (Final Episode)


Waiting can be tiring episode five
( The concluding Story)

Just before we discovered the problem Hamdalah had, she ran to my flat one day crying very bitterly.

“Umm Abdullah” This is what people called me. ” Your husband surely has a problem ” Hamdalah said with teary eyes.

“My husband? The last time I checked, he belongs to the two of us, so why has he suddenly become my husband alone?” I asked smiling at her.

“Please I am not here to crack jokes” She replied crying.

“Neither am I joking, he’s for both of us, now stop crying and tell me what the problem is” I urged.

“Are you still asking me what the problem is? as if you don’t know.

” No I don’t ” I replied sincerely.

“It’s exactly three years today that I married your husband, if truly he doesn’t have a problem, why has he been unable to impregnate two women, or haven’t you given it a thought?”

“Subhanallah!! Please Hamdalah don’t talk like this, Hassan doesn’t have any problem at all, this is just a trial which will soon come to pass”

“When will that be? Isn’t it obvious that he’s the one who has a problem, if not why are you not pregnant and why I’m I having the same problem, please stop lying to me and tell me the absolute truth”.

” Why would I be lying to you, of what benefit would my lies be to our lives, Hassan and I both ran series of fertility test which declared us fit to be parents and here are the results ” I said as I walked to my cabinet to get the results of the numerous tests that we did. “Here are they” I said as I handed the results to her. She impatiently glanced through them and threw them back at me.

“Fake results, absolutely fake results, I don’t believe you one bit, who was the Doctor that ran the tests for you people? She asked rudely and I was dumbfounded.

” Have you suddenly become a mute?, I said who was the doctor that did the test for you guys”. She repeated impatiently.

“Hassan’s doctor friend” I replied with shock.

“Ehn Ehn, I said it, something is definitely fishy, his friend did the test and it never occured to you that there must have been a conspiracy. His friend lied with the results just to deceive you, but I am not deceived at all. Your Husband has a low sperm count and that’s why he’s unable to impregnate women”

“Shut up!!!’ I snapped at her. ” Who’s feeding you with all this lies? My husband is hale and healthy, he doesn’t have a low sperm count. Why are you suddenly behaving unruly? ”

“Since the the screen on my face got uplifted, I can finally see clearly, you people deceived me into marrying a sterile man, but I can no longer be your prey, enough is enough, I’m leaving” She said and walked out.

I sanked into the sofa and wept bitterly, why is all these happening to us Yah Allah. Who has been misleading Hamdalah because she was never like this. Why has she changed overnight? Of course I felt her pains because we were in the same shoes but accusing my husband of what he’s not was very wrong of her. Why would Hassan’s doc friend deceive me, it’s unethical for him to do so besides he’s a God fearing Muslim brother. We just have to do something fast before this gets out of hand. I went to Hamdalah’s flat to talk to her but she wouldn’t opened the door. I went back to my flat and waited impatiently for Hassan’s return.

He came back, checked on me, and went to Hamdalah’s flat. It was her week and the tradition had been that whenever it’s her week,Hassan would first checked on me and then retire to Hamdalah’s flat and vise- versa.

He rushed back to my place and told me Hamdalah refused to let him in, he asked if I knew what the problem was but I threw another question at him.

“Hassan! Are you hiding anything from us?” I asked looking straight into his eyeballs.

“No” He replied in his usual firmness.

“Do you have a low sperm count?” I hit the nail on the head.

“Whaaaaaat!!!” He exclaimed.

“Please I need your sincere answer” I said and instead of him answering me, he turned to face the wall and wept profusely. That was the first time I saw him cry. I felt bad for asking such question when I actually knew the truth. I stood up and went to him, gave him a back hug and said sorry a countless time.

” Oh Allah! Where is thy face, please come to my rescue before I’m been disgraced, this humiliation is too much for me to bear” He lamented amidst tears.

” Hassan I’m sorry please stop crying, I’m really sorry. Let’s go talk to Hamdalah she said she’s leaving”. I said amidst tears too.

“Let her go please, I’m tired of her unruly behavior, can you believe the other day she pushed me out of bed, telling me the ones we’ve been doing,what’s the result. Let her go before she gives me what I do not bargain for” He said with frustration.

” please don’t let her go!!, she’s just been childish. Let’s go talk to her”. I pleaded for the umpteenth time. He agreed and together we went to Hamdalah, knocked the door severally before she reluctantly opened it.

“I won’t say you shouldn’t go, but before you leave, just do me the honour of running a fertility test to be sure you’re okay, then I can let you go” Hassan said bluntly while I keep giving him a calm down face.

“I’m not doing any test because I don’t have any problem. Isn’t it obvious that you’re the one with the problem, or why are you unable to impregnate two different women”

“Okay I agree and accept that the fault is mine, but running your own test too would do you no harm, or what do think Heebah? He asked inviting me to the discussion.

” Please Hamdalah, a test can just solve all this misunderstandings and we would all be fine ” I persuaded.

After much persuasion, she agreed to go for a test and that was when we discovered that she had a fallopian tube blockage which was caused by pelvic inflammatory disease. This she had before marrying my husband. We were confused because virgin rarely have the disease but the doc said there are exceptions.

We were glad it has a solution or treatment. The doc told us surgery can be used to correct this disease which causes infertility. The doc explained that her two tubes were blocked making conception impossible, he further explained that had it been it was only one tube that was blocked, she would have been able to conceive with the use of fertility drugs. He further arose our fear that even after surgery, her chances of conceiving is just 20:30% but with prayer and faith we had the surgery done and was hopeful in Allah.

All this while, I was running around for Hamdalah, I totally forgot my own problems. I couldn’t wait for the surgery to be done so that she would get pregnant and my husband would be vindicated, so that the whole world would rejoice with us, and so that the cry of a new born would be heard in our home.

“After surgery she was placed on a bed rest and so I would visit the hospital, morning, afternoon and evening to get food across to her. On one occasion when I was climbing the hospital stairs, I felt a sudden dizziness from within and in a matter of seconds,everywhere became dark and I slumped. That was the last thing I knew until I opened my eyes on the hospital bed.

At first everywhere was blurred as I opened my eyes but gradually I began to see clearly. I saw Hassan and my mum beside my bed. They were all smile, Hassan was wearing the most delicious smile ever, and my mum, her own smile was infectious. I smiled back at them as I was assisted to sit down. Hassan sat beside me and whispered something in my ear.

” We’ll soon become parents ” He whispered.

“Hamdalah is pregnant” I shouted.

“No, you are pregnant!” Hassan and mum chorused.

“Me! Pregnant!!? I asked as I touched my chest.

” Yes baby, you’re three months pregnant by Allah’s mercy” My husband said giving me a hug.

I don’t know whether to cry, laugh or shout, I couldn’t control the tears of joy from flowing. Three whole months and I didn’t know, I was busy running around for Hamdalah never paying heed to my own body. How would I know when I haven’t had one before. My sajdah shuqroh was long and hearty. I couldn’t but glorify Allah who never fails, truly after hardship comes ease.

Hamdalah was discharged from the hospital and we had another miracle. She got pregnant too and it was indeed a double blessing for Hassan. The person they’ve thought could never build a hut ended up building a mansion. I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl and four months after Hamdalah also gave birth to a bouncing baby girl and beautiful siblings followed them suit. To Allah belongs the dominion of heavens and earth, he never fails.

One of the things that assisted me in my trying time was love, love is beautiful, its supportive, it’s protective and can wither the Storm. I urge spouses to show love to one another everyday especially during trials and tribulations.

Never seize being hopeful
Be cheerful
In anticipation of the plentiful
Which will come in handful
And shall be wonderful
Which will make you rejoiceful
Because Allah is always faithful
And never deceitful.

Luqmon V17

………And Bear with patience whatever befalls you…..”

Al-Baqarah V 153

” O you who believe seek help in patience and prayer. Truly Allah is with the patient.

Ash-Sharh V 5:6

Verily, along with every hardship comes relief. And verily along with every hardship comes relief.

Lateefah Adewunmi Jumah


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