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. They rushed her into the black hilux car standing with its lights
blinking. “oh Allah, have mercy on us and grant my daughter a
quick recovery” Maryam’s mother supplicate in tears. “guards, let
me have her phone” her father commanded while the phone was
given to him. They were on their way going to the hospital when
his father called their family Doctor which happens to be Doctor
Harun, Munir’s friend and co – worker at Al – ansar hospital. Doctor
Harun is about 45 years old. Munir, who happens to be the head in
that hospital was due to his intelligent and smartness in the
medical field. Doctor Harun sees him as his younger brother. But
despite this, he (Harun) does not delay to seek for Munir’s advice
whenever he is facing challenges both in the medical field and the
religious doctrines. He started working in that hospital for over 5
good years before Munir came.
“hello, is this Dr Harun? ” Maryam’s dad said with a shaking voice.
” Yes sir. Anything the matter? ” Harun replied. ” My daughter has
just fainted and we are on our way to your hospital. Hope you are
there? ” the man question impatiently. ” hmmm. Am not at the
hospital right now but keep on going while i put a call to my
superior. He shall be there before i arrive” Harun stated. “alr… ri…
Alright” Maryam’s dad replied in amazement. He dropped the
phone slowly from his left ear while staring at It. “is he not at the
hospital?” his wife inquired. “No. But what baffles me is that he
said he has a superior. That the person would be there before he
comes to the hospital” he explained to his wife in astonishment. “A
superior? When did that start in Al – ansar hospital? Everybody
knows that he is the superior and the head at that hospital” his wife
throws back in bewilderment. “that’s what i can’t fathom about.
Alright, let’s see when we get there” he added as the car move
speedily on the road.
. Munir woke up exactly ten minutes after twelve in the mid-night.
He removed the white duvet on the bed from himself, climbed
down from the bed and then walked sluggishly to the toilet with his
hands covering his eyes. He took a shower, performed an ablution
and then wears his Jalambya (Islamic gown for males). He was
about starting his tahjud prayers when his phone started ringing.
He approached It, picked the call and then placed It on his left ear.
“assalamualaikum” Munir greeted first. “wa’alaikumsalam. Please
am very sorry to disturb you at this odd hour of the night” Harun
said from the other side of the phone. ” what is the problem bros”
Munir said in curiosity. “A patient is at the hospital now and It
happens to be the people i served as a family Doctor. Right now,
am at home and i don’t think i can make It if not in the morning. I
have already told them to go ahead while i will send you there.
Please help me out ” Harun explained. Munir breath deeply a sigh
of relieve at the request while he gazed at the wall clock in his
room. ” alright. No problem. I will be there ” Munir accepted to go. ”
am very grateful. Jazak Allahu khair ” Harun express his gratitude.
” Aameen wa eeyaka” Munir replied him.
. Maryam’s parents drove into the compound speedily. The car
stopped while everyone dashed out of car. Her mother called for
the nurses with a loud voice while the guards were busy bringing
Maryam out from the car. The nurses rushed outside and they
helped the guards to take Maryam inside the hospital. “an
emergency is here and none of our Doctors are present” one of the
nurses lamented. “hmm. What do we do now? Dr Harun is the type
that doesn’t like coming to the hospital at night and Dr Munir’s
phone number is not going through” another nurse added. “me am
confused ooo” another nurse added. In that moment of their
discussion, they saw Munir’s car coming. They became excited
and welcome him. “where is the patient” Munir asked as he run to
into the hospital. “in the special room sir” one of the nurse replied
him. “Ok” he said as he walked very fast to the room.
Maryam’s dad summoned one of the nurses and he asked her if
Munir is the new head in the hospital and the nurse replied him
Yes. He was impressed for a young man like that to be smart and
made a head in a hospital. “darling, It is as if the face of that young
man is familiar” Maryam’s mum said to her husband. “do you
know him” her husband asked while staring at her.
. When Munir opened the door, he approached her and who he saw
got him dazed. The nurses were surprised as well as they were
staring at each other…


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