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. Munir got dazed knowing who was lying helplessly before him.
His eyes was dangling as the nurses were staring at him with a
questionable look of “why is he behaving in this manner”. Munir
placed his stethoscope on her chest and then stares at the wall
clock in the room. He disengage himself after some seconds of
examining her condition. “She would be awake in the next 3 hours.
Look after her while i go to my office. If any emergency arises,
don’t hesitate to call me” Munir said while folding the stethoscope
in his hands. “alright sir” the nurses replied while he walked out
from there.
. “answer me. Do you know him?” Maryam’s dad question his wife.
“i can’t recall vividly” his wife replied. “msteeeewww. That means
you don’t know him” he replied while throwing his wife at the other
side. “excuse me sir” Munir said while stepping towards them.
They raised their head up and stoop up immediately while
Maryam’s mum was trying to hold Munir’s lab coat but he
disengage himself. “how is she now?” both of them asked. Munir
breath a sigh of relieve. “her condition can’t be predicted yet as It
goes beyond medical lines. But with the help of Allah, we shall
succeed. Please i need the both of you in my office” Munir said
while he walked away from them. Both of them were staring at
each other in pandemonium. They moved to his office and Munir
started some questionings. “You are welcome. Have a seat” Munir
said while standing at the front of a cupboard in his office. They
sat down while waiting for him. “alright. I just want to know what
really happened” Munir stated while walking to his seat. “we just
heard her screaming and before we could went there, she got
fainted” Maryam’s mother narrated. “and her phone by her side”
her husband added for more clarification. “Yes exactly” She
nodded in affirmation. “let me see the phone” Munir insisted while
stretching out his hand. The man handed the phone over to him
and behold, What Munir saw was the message. He glanced at the
phone number that sent the message and It was his friend, Barr.
Majid. It was at that moment that Munir understand how he
detected a heart attack to be her condition. “alright. No problem.
Allah will see us through” Munir said while stretching his hand back
to the man with the phone in his hand. “Thank you Doctor. Please,
do what ever that you can in your power to save her life. She is our
only surviving child” Maryam’s dad said in a weak voice while his
wife was just nodding like lizard. “No problem. We would seek
Allah intervention” Munir replied. “Thank you. Can we see her now”
they asked. “No. She is still not awake. May be in the next 2 hours”
Munir replied. “alright. Thank you once again” The man said while
they stand up to leave. Immediately they left the room, Munir’s
phone rang. He reached for his phone from his pocket and the
caller was Barr. Majid.


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