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. Munir walked to his office in anger while they met Maryam’s
parents. “is anything the matter? I guess he is angry.” Maryam’s
dad said to Doctor Harun while Doctor Munir has already entered
his office. Both hands of Harun were in his pocket as he stepped
forward to them. He breath deeply a sigh of relieve. “what is the
problem? Talk to me” Maryam’s dad added. “do you know him?”
Doctor Harun said while pointing his finger at the direction of
Munir’s office. “You mean the other Doctor?” The man throws back
the question. “exactly” Harun respond. “we haven’t seen him
before. We don’t know him, right?” Maryam’s dad answered while
staring at his wife. His wife just nodded. “but why does It looks like
your daughter and Doctor Munir have met before?” Doctor Harun
questioned. “met before?” the man asked rhetorically. “wait, do you
just mention something like Doctor Munir? ” Maryam’s mum
added. “Yes. Do you know him?” Harun asked while removing his
hands from his pocket and stepping towards them. “Yes. I haven’t
seen him before but my daughter told me something about him”
She added. “Really?” Harun express his amazement. “honey, we
have to leave this hospital now or else our daughter will die”
Maryam’s mum said while holding her husband’s shirt. Harun got
dazed. ” what is happening here? Why should we leave this
hospital?” Maryam’s dad said. Maryam’s mum has started crying
profusely already. “he is the guy that had issues with Maryam at
the stopping mull. We filed a case against him and if care is not
taken, he might poison our daughter. Please let’s leave here” She
said in tears. “what! You mean this gentle and humble guy is the
person and you intend to stress him for no just a genuine reason?”
Maryam’s dad nags on her wife. “please forgive us” She pleads her
husband while kneeling on the ground holding her husband’s
cloth. Harun was just staring at as if he is watching a drama been
played on the stage. “let me be. As for that young man, i don’t think
he has that kind of heart to poison my daughter. Don’t think evil
towards people” he said while he disengaged himself from her.
“please Doctor Harun, lead me to Munir’s office” he said while they
walk away from the scene.
. A guard came and told Maryam’s mum that her daughter wants
to see her. She stood up, cleaned herself and followed the guard.
“is she alright?” She asked the guard while on their way going.
“Yes. She is awake now ” the guard respond. They walked into the
room and she saw her daughter crying and subbing on the bed
with her face at the other side. “why are you crying my princess?
Did he hurt you?” She said to her daughter while approaching her
and then sat beside her on the bed. Maryam has now realised her
misbehaviours. She stares at her mum in hatred. “mum, why didn’t
you coach me on the right path? When i go wrong, you didn’t care
to discipline me and advice me to be nice.” She paused for while
staring at her mum. Her mother became speechless. “You are not
saying anything now, right? You have ruin my life and that’s what
you want” Maryam continues in tears. “My daughter It is not like
that. Your mother loves you so much. I am like that because i want
you to be happy. I don’t want you to….” “stop that crap mum.
Now, please i want to be left alone” Maryam cut her short while
talking. “please my princess, hear me out first” “leave. I don’t want
to see you” She screamed. The nurse lead her mother out of the
room and Maryam bursted into tears. “oh Allah, please forgive me.
Please change my life for good” Maryam cried unto her creator.
Some minutes after, she started sleeping peacefully.
. Munir was pacing round his office when Doctor Harun and
Maryam’s dad walked in. “My son, am very Sorry for what my wife
and daughter did to you. I didn’t know It was that serious. Please
forgive them and have mercy on my daughter. Her mother is the
one that spoiled her all in the name of ” my only child “. He
explained standing helplessly. Munir was standing with his hands
in his pocket. He bid them to sit and he narrated all that happened
between him and Maryam except for that of the message and the


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