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. Maryam’s dad breath a sigh of relieve and then plead for Munir’s
forgiveness. “My son, please forgive her and her mother. That
character of hers was instilled in her by her mother due to her
mother’s barrenness for so many years of our marriage. Her
mother and i stayed for good 10 years without having a child.
Sorrows and miseries became the order of the day in her mother’s
life. When Allah favoured us with a baby girl which happens to be
Maryam, her mother started pampering her and never wants her to
cry or lack for anything. That was when this whole mess started ”
Maryam’s dad explained in detail. Munir and Harun breath deeply.
” this is a saga ” Doctor Harun said. ” i am deeply touched by this
narration. I promise i will do my best to change her life for better. ”
Doctor Munir added. ” Thank you very much. May Allah reward you
abundantly for your understanding” Maryam’s dad said while
stretching out his hand to shake Munir. “You are welcome sir”
Munir said while standing up from his seat and also stretching out
his hand for a hand shake. They were about leaving the office
when a nurse came in and said that Maryam wants to see Doctor
Munir. ” uncle, It is your patient remember? You just needed an
immediate assistance from me and i think i have done my part.
You just go ahead and continue” Munir stated while they were all
amazed. Maryam’s dad started staring at Harun while Harun was
looking at Munir. “please, don’t be annoyed by what she said to
you inside there. It is your work also and you just promised to do
your best in her recovery” Harun said in weak voice. “please my
son, forgive her and make her life better please” Maryam’s dad
added. “please, you shouldn’t have mistook me. Remember i told
you that her condition is beyond medical lines. So, don’t think i will
deviate from my promises” Munir said. “so what do you intend to
do now?” Harun asked. “let her stay here for a moment so that she
can get better quickly. After her discharge from this hospital, i will
attend to her at home. And by that, we shall see a positive
outcome in sha Allah” Munir stated. “alright. But at least you have
to follow me to her place so that you will tell her what happens
before she was brought here ” Harun respond. “please my son”
Maryam’s dad added. “alright no problem. Let’s go and see her”
Munir said while they dashed out of the room.


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