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. They walked into the room while Maryam was sitting on the bed
resting her back on the wall. “ooh my daughter, how are you doing
now?” Her father said in excitement while approaching her on the
bed. “am Ok dad. Am sorry for not listening to you since all these
while. Please forgive me” Maryam said in tears while embracing
her dad. “is alright my daughter. I don’t have anything against you”
her father replied. Munir, Harun and the nurses were standing
staring at the both of them while her mum walked in. She couldn’t
go near her daughter. She stands by the door crying all by herself.
Maryam and her dad disengaged from each other while they wiped
away the tears in their eyes. Her father smiled at her and she also
did the same. “please, can you excuse the both of us? I would like
to have a conversation with him” Maryam said while pointing her
finger towards Munir. “No problem.” her dad and Harun chorused.
They all left the room remaining the both of them. Munir stepped a
little further while he cleared his throat. Maryam arranged herself
on the bed and then shifted a little bit further from where she was
on the bed. The room became filled with absolute decorum that if a
pin is to be dropped on the floor, you will hear the sound. “am
sorry for the way i talked to you earlier. I… I…” Maryam breaks the
silence while she stammered. “is Alright. You have to remain calm.
I understand. How are you feeling now?” Munir interrupted while
sitting down on the chair in the room. “am feeling good now.
Please, what is really wrong with me? What happened before i was
brought here?” She asked while staring at Munir. Munir breath
deeply. “i will answer the second question first but before i do that,
please permit me to ask a question” Munir replied. “Ok. No
problem. Am Ok with any method you choose to answer my
question” Maryam said. “alright. What were you doing last before
you fainted?” Munir asked. Maryam kept mute for a while trying to
remember what she was doing before the incident happened.
“hmm. Your lawyer sent the conversation that my mother and i had
with him to my phone through whatsApp because he made a
recording of It. When i came home in the evening, i became
frightened. I was in my bed around 10 to 11 eleven o clock in the
night when he sent a message to me through SMS and he
threatened me to call the judge and order him to struck out the
case or else, he will send the tape to the broadcasting station in the
next one hour. Immediately i read the message, i tried reaching the
judge but It wasn’t going. In that scenario, i felt a pierced of
something like a nail in my heart ” Maryam explained. ” that’s all i
could remember ” She added. ” No problem. Your heart is not that
too strong so the message gave you a heart attack. Try and make
yourself happy in every moment of your life. Don’t let the attitude
or behavior of some one ruin your day. Alright? ” Munir advised
her. ” Yes. I heard you. Thank you very much and may Allah
reward you abundantly ” Maryam replied. ” is alright. Let me go
and observe my Subhi prayer ” ” can i perform an ablution with
water? I want to observe mine here ” Maryam said as Munir stand
up to go. ” Yes. If you can. ” Munir replied. ” alright. Jazak Allahu
khair “” Aameen wa eeyaka ” Munir replied as he walked from the
room. Maryam keep staring at Munir till he vanished from the
room. ” hmm. What a kind hearted man with a clean mind ”
Maryam soliloquizes. She stood up from the bed and then walked
towards the toilet to perform ablution. Munir walked towards
Harun and Maryam’s dad then informed them about Salat. Munir
went inside his office, took the prayer mat and one Book titled ” LA
TAHZAN (don’t be sad)” And then head to Maryam. “You may need
this” Munir said while stretching his hand out for Maryam. Maryam
walked towards him with shyness and then collected the prayer
mat and the Book. “thanks. I was actually trying to get something
to pray on.” Maryam said while in her Jilbab. “alright. Allah has
answered your prayer then” Munir said in smile. Maryam also
smile while hiding her face. “what of the Book?” Maryam asked
while Munir was about leaving. “oh, sorry. The Book will keep you
busy and happy. Try to read It after observing your salats every
day” Munir replied. “oh, that’s so kind of you. I will in sha Allah”
Maryam respond in excitement while staring at the Book. “alright.
Go and observe your salat now before It get late” Munir said while
closing the door. Maryam went, spread the mat on the ground and
start praying while her mum came in.
Munir, Harun and Maryam’s dad went to the hospital’s masjid
(mosque) and then observed their Salat.


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