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. Maryam completed her Salat and she made the invocations that
are to be done after every mandated Salat. When she stood up
from the prayer mat, she saw her mother in a jilbab standing at
the entrance to the room. “can i pray on the mat” her mother asked
still standing at her position. “Yes of course. Why didn’t you sit on
the bed while waiting for me?” Maryam answered followed by a
question in a soft manner. “i did not want to disturb you. Thank
you” her mother stated while walking towards the prayer mat.
Maryam sat on the bed, took the Book which Munir gave to him
and started reading It.
. Munir lead the congregation of the prayer and they observed their
Salat. Immediately after they observed their Salat, Munir’s phone
started vibrating in his pocket. He tried bringing It out but the call
cut. He changed his phone’s mode from silent immediately since
they have ended their Salat. Munir turned to the people at his back
and they embraced each other all including two of the guards that
are Muslims. “sir, i need to go home now. Am feeling sleepy please
pardon me” Munir said to Maryam’s dad. “Ok. No problem. But
please make sure you come back” he replied Munir. “definitely sir.
Uncle, i have to go now” Munir replied and then turned to Doctor
Harun. “alright. No problem. But be notified that when a problem
arises, i will call and please don’t hesitate to come” Doctor Harun
respond while they smiled. “alright sir. No wahala” Munir said and
they all laughed including Maryam’s dad while the guards were
also smiling. “this guy is jovial like this and we were intimidating
him” one of the guards whispered to the others as they laughed.
“he is happy at any time you set your eyes on him. Even the day i
was told by small madam to follow him in the evening, i saw him
waving at somebody and smiling before he entered his car” the
head of the guards confessed. “hmm. That guy is really amazing”
another guard added while they smiled. Munir entered his car and
he drove off from the hospital.
. “mummy, brother Munir is not in his room ooo” Munir’s sister,
Halima, said while she entered her mother’s room. “what do you
mean by Munir is not in his room? Have you checked properly?”
Amima, Munir’s mum replied while standing from the bed. She
gazed at the wall clock and the time was 6 :30 am in the morning.
“are you sure?” Munir’s mum asked her daughter. “Yes mummy”
She answered. They rushed to the man of the house, Munir’s dad
and then knocked on his door. He answered them and they opened
the door in hurry. “what is the matter? Why are you both opening
my door like that?” Mr. Shuaib queried. “we are sorry. Have you
seen Munir since morning?” his wife asked. “No. Is he not in his
room?” he throws back. “No. That’s why we are here” his wife
added. “go to dauda and verified yet” Munir’s dad said as he put
on his black suit. They rushed to the gate and knocked at Dauda’s
door. He opened the door and then stepped out from his room with
his radio in his hand. “assalamualaikum. Good morning madam
and small madam” Dauda said while smiling showing his front
teeth that is been removed as if nothing has exist there before.
“wa’alaikumsalam. Have you seen Munir this morning? Munir’s
mum asked. ” No ooo. Since that alowned 1 o clock in the night
wey him comot with car say e dey go hospital for emergency, i
never see am ooo ” dauda, the gate man, replied in pidgin. Halima
and her mum breath deeply a sigh of relieve. They were standing
like that when Munir’s dad walked towards them from the house. ”
what did he say? ” he asked with a long face. ” from what he said,
Munir went to the hospital around 1 o clock in the night” Munir’s
mum replied. Munir’s dad breath deeply while standing akimbo.
“this boy and his medical career” his dad lamented. Just then, they
heard a car horn at the gate. “dauda go and open the gate” Munir’s
dad commanded. Dauda dropped his radio at the window and
rushed to the gate. “ahaaa, yauwaaa. E don come” dauda said
while adjusting his cap. That was Munir. “assalamualaikum. Good
morning dad, Good morning mum.” Munir greeted while Halima ran
to him. “wa’alaikumsalam” both his dad and mum chorused. “why
are you all assembled at Dauda’s place? Ogah dauda, are you
sharing money”? Munir said while smiling. ” i say make i use 50
thousands each do fissebilillahi this morning for every body ”
dauda said while they all bursted into laughing including Munir’s
dad. “we were wondering where you went to. So we came to ask
the CSO of this estate” Munir’s dad said as they all went into
another round of laughing again. “am sorry. I have to go without
letting you guys know because they was an emergency at our
hospital then” Munir explained while he was still smiling. “alright”
they all chorused and they left the scene.


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