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. Munir and his parents where on their way going into the house
when his phone rang and he picked It. “assalamualaikum” A
female voice said from the other side of the phone. Munir was still
silent while he answered slowly “wa’alaikumsalam. Who am i
speaking with please” ” this is Maryam, your patient” It is Maryam.
“oh Maryam! Is anything the matter?” Munir asked while walking to
the dinning table. “No ooo. Just that my dad told me you have
went home and i called to say thank you for the Book you gave to
me. It is interesting” Maryam said. “oh, thank you. You love It,
right?” Munir respond while his parents were wondering which
Maryam their son is talking with. “Yes, i love the Book. Hope you
are coming back soon?” Maryam asked while Munir opened his
eyes wide in surprise. “alright. Yes am coming” Munir answered
while smiling. “Ok. Once again, thanks for your kindness and
understanding” Maryam added with a soft tone of voice. “You are
welcome” Munir said as the line went off. Munir dropped his phone
from his ear slowly as he was gazing at his parents. “why the look
on your face mum?” Munir asked while smiling. “who is that
Maryam you just spoke with on phone”? His mum asked. Munir
cleared his throat and then sat on the chair. ” mum, when i finish
casting this amazing news am about to present, you won’t believe
It. ” Munir said in a low voice with a slow motion. “what is that my
son” his dad cut in. Munir breath a little and then started the
casting of the news. “You don’t mean It” “seriously?” that’s life for
you ” Halima, her mother and dad commented. ” that means the
case has been struck out already ” Halima said.” Not yet but
definitely” Munir respond. “that is a great mercy from Allah” his
father added. “truly, my husband” Munir’s mum said. They finish
their eating and left for work remaining Munir and Halima at home.
. Later in the evening, Munir decided to check on Maryam at the
hospital. But Before he went there, he branched at his friend’s
chamber, Barr. Majid. Munir narrated all that happened at the
hospital to Majid. Munir thanked him for been there for him as a
true friend before he left for the hospital.
. Munir alighted from his car with a golden rolex wrist watch in his
right hand glittering. “assalamualaikum” A female voice said from
a corner in the compound. Munir turns his head back and then saw
Maryam coming. “hmm wa’alaikumsalam. I can see you are
having a nice time all by yourself” Munir replied. “Yes. I thought
you were not going to come back. There is a place in that Book
you gave to me that i don’t understand what they said.” Maryam
said in a soft and low voice. ” No ooo. Didn’t i tell you that i am
going to come?. Don’t worry, we would be looking at It together as
from today hence forth” Munir replied. “Ok thanks. Can we go in
now? Maryam said while smiling. ” Yes, but after you ” Munir
respond. Maryam winked her eyes. ” No ooo. After you ” She
insisted. They continued saying that when Munir finally nailed her
with this statement. ” remember, you are my patient and you are
under my care. So, you first” . “alright, am sorry for that” Maryam
said while smiling. ” No problem. Now, may we go in?” Munir said
while throwing his right hand in air. “Yes sir” Maryam replied
smiling while covering her eyes with her hands. She stepped on
while Munir followed her. Maryam’s dad was staring at them
through window at the frontage while smiling in joy.
They went inside and she showed Munir the place she was having
problems with and he put her through. Her mother was happy that
Munir made peace with her daughter.


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