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. The friendship between Munir and Maryam grows stronger to the
extent that if they do not hear from each other in a day, one must
go to the other person’s house. Their both parents are now friendly
towards each other.
. “assalamualaikum. Morning dear, how was your night?” Maryam
said to Munir on phone at about 7 :30 in the morning.
“wa’alaikumsalam. My night was splendid dear and yours?” Munir
respond while walking to the dinning table with smiles on his face .
“same. What about Mummy and daddy? ” they are fine ” ” And
Halima? ” ” She is OK ” Maryam asked about his people and he also
did the same. ” please, dad said you should come over after Jumat
prayer. You and i are going to somewhere ” Maryam said. ” uhun,
is daddy the one wanting to see me or you ” Munir said as they
both laugh moderately and quietly on the phone. “alright, am the
one that wants to see you. Please, will you show up” “Yes i will”
“one more thing please, could you please bring Halima along while
coming?” “alright. I will. But you guys should not give me a tough
time as you did the other time” “Ok. Thanks deariee” “You are
welcome dear” they said as the line went dead. Munir started his
own eating as he finished calling. “Maryam sends her regards to
the both of you” Munir said as he was eating. “alright. How is she
and her parents?” Munir’s dad asked. “She said they are all fine”
Munir replied as his dad cleaned his mouth and then stood up from
his seat. “alright” he respond while walking away. “emmm, little sis,
Maryam said i should come with you after Jumat prayer. Hope you
will be chanced?” Munir asked. ” If mum permits” Halima replied
wisely. ” No ooo. You can go my daughter” her mother replied as
she continues eating. ” thanks mum ” “And please, if you go, tell
her mother that how about that our discussion. She will
understand.” Munir’s mum said. Munir was about entering his car
when his phone rang. He stares at the number and It was a
strange number. He picked It and then placed It on his left ear.
“assalamualaikum. Is that Munir? A female voice from the order
side of the phone said in a soft tone. ” wa’alaikumsalam. Yes, who
is this? ” Munir asked. ” so you don’t recognise my voice again
baa? Please do oo or else i will cut my phone ” The voice said in a
joking manner. “please honestly i can’t remember this voice again”
Munir said while robbing his head. “this is Aisha. The girl you
served with during your NYSC year” The girl said while sniffing on
the phone. “oh please. Forgive my manners. I am deeply sorry
dear. Your voice sounds more matured than before. Please forgive
me.” “hello, hello” He couldn’t get a response from her as the line
went off. He could hear her cry on the phone. Munir tried her line
at the moment but says not reachable. He tried her line
intermittently but still in the same condition. Munir became angry
and started feeling dull. He entered his car and drove off from the
compound sluggishly.
. Aisha is a slim fair in complexion lady who served with Munir
during their NYSC year. They were too closed that their fellow corp
members do call them LOVE BIRDS. She is also from an averagely
rich family. She loves Munir very much and wasn’t opportune to tell
him. Munir also cares about her so much. During their NYSC year,
when they finished chatting on Facebook or WhatsApp and they
want to sleep, they would call themselves on phone again so that
they can hear each other voice. Until one certain day when Munir
saw her at a distance with a fair guy in a restaurant. They were
talking and laughing while Munir was looking at them with
Jealousy not knowing that the guy is her cousin brother. In the
evening, Munir came back to the place they were lodging and
entered without checking on Aisha. Mean while, Aisha was busy
inside so she suggested that may be he is tired. When they came
online, Munir saw that guy’s picture on Aisha’s profile picture. This
time around, he became angry and refused to chat with Aisha that
night. In the morning, Aisha tried to find out why he didn’t replied
any of her messages but Munir kept mute. Due to the love she has
for Munir, she let him be in case he would become angry and she
will loose him. She cooked a delicious meal that day and gave It to
Munir. Munir did not eat the food neither gave her the flask back.
She is the one that used to wash his clothes. But ever since the
day the issue arises, Munir started washing his cloth by himself.
She tried all she could to know why he is behaving like that
towards her but all to no avail. That was how they played in the


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