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SEASON 2EPISODE 19… Munir became dull even at the hospital. He felt so bad at what hedid to Aisha during their service year. “please forgive me dear. Amsorry for what i did to you” Munir said to himself in tears whileleaning by the car with his head bent down. He noticed a step of afoot coming while he quickly cleaned his eyes. He walked to themosque in the hospital and use the water there to clean his face.Time for Jumat came and he drove off from the hospital. When hecame back from Juma’a, he became much more relieved andhappier due to the sermon been delivered by the Imam at Juma’a.He came home and then took his sister, Halima before they went toMaryam’s place… AT MARYAM’S ABODE… They drove into the compound while horning for the gate man.”welcome ooo ogah Munir” the gate man hailed Munir. Theystepped out of the car and walked into the house. “welcome sir.Welcome ma” the maids greeted while they were coming into thesitting room. “how are you doing zahra”? Munir asked whilesmiling. ” am fine sir ” she replied. ” and you, Sumaya? ” he askedthe other maid. ” am good sir ” She replied. ” alright. Where isMaryam? ” Munir asked Zahra. ” she is in the garden ” Zahrareplied. ” Ok. Halima, you go ahead to mummy. We would be rightback ” Munir said while going back outside. Munir approached herat the garden unaware. She was sitting on a wooden chair readingthe Book which Munir gave to her at the hospital. Munir walkedstealthily towards her with a very careful steps of his foot and thencovered her eyes with his hands. “who is this please?” Maryamsaid impatiently. “this is the guy you met at the shopping mullsome Months ago. I have you now and you are going to clean myshoes for me” Munir said slowly while smiling. Maryam burstedinto laughing. “Ok, let the guy get his hands off from my sight orelse, i will send the voice recording to the broadcasting station”Maryam replied back while they bursted into laughing. Munirremoved his hands from her eyes and then got disengaged whilestill laughing. “You really gave me tough times at that moment andyou are going to serve a punishment for that” Munir said while hishands were in his pocket with smiles on his face. “really?” Maryamrespond with her eyes widely opened. “Yes. And you are going toserve that punishment here” “like seriously?” “Yes. So kneel downand have a bit of this” Munir said while carrying a tiny long stick inhis hands with smiles on his face. “hmmm. Don’t flog me ooo” “areyou saying that to me” they both said while smiling and Maryamwas stepping back making Munir to walk towards her. ” No ooo. Idey craze” Maryam said while they bursted into laughing and Munirdropped the stick. “Oya come let’s go. I came with Halima” Munirsaid. “oh, thank youuu” Maryam replied. “hope you have recitedsuratul khaf this morning because today is Friday?” Munir saidwhile they were going out from the garden. ” oh, i forgot to do that”Maryam said while staring at Munir. ” You can’t tell me that ooo orwe would suspend where you want us to go” Munir said. “No ooo.Am joking ooo. I have done that” Maryam replied. “i will ask Zahraooo” “ask her na” they said while smiling… “assalamualaikum. Good afternoon ma” Halima greetedMaryam’s mum. “hey, wa’alaikumsalam. Look who we are havinghere. Afternoon, how is sister” Maryam’s mum replied turningtowards Halima from the the television she was watching withsmiles on her face. She and Munir’s mum do call themselves”sister”. “She is fine ma. She said i should remind you about yourdiscussion with her” Halima replied. “oh, tell her we shall talkabout It when next we meet” “alright ma” they both said as they satdown. The discussion they are talking about is their plan to wedMunir and Maryam together as husband and wife. The plan is onlyknown to the both of them.Maryam’s mum and Halima were in the sitting room when Munirand Maryam walked in. They got prepared and went out. “so whereare we going?” Munir asked while driving on the road. “i want to dosome shopping for the maids” Maryam replied. “Ok. After that, i willtake you guys to somewhere” Munir replied. “alright” both Maryamand Halima chorused. They were on their way going when amessage came into Munir’s phone. It is from Aisha and the phonewas with Maryam at that moment. She was transferring someIslamic apps when the message showed at the top of the phone.”LET US CHAT ON WHATSAPP AROUND 4 O CLOCK IN THEEVENING. I HAVE GIST FOR YOU. MISS YOU ALOT DEAR” that isthe message. Maryam draws the screen from the top and she readthe message. Immediately she read that message, she felt likesomething has pierced her heart. “It like you have a message”Maryam said while stretching her left hand to Munir with her eyesstaring at her own phone. Munir collected the phone and read themessage. He became happy and was smiling throughout thedriving while Maryam was staring at him jealously. They madetheir shopping and got back inside the car heading to where Munirsaid he would take them to. They were on their way when the timefor 4 o clock prayer clocks. They branched a near by mosque andobserved their Salat. Throughout their outing, Maryam kept mutewithout talking to Munir except Halima and Munir didn’t evennoticed that due to the excitement he had when he read Aisha’smessage and the fact that she is no more angry with him. Munirtook them to a very nice beach. Maryam found It lovely as we asHalima. When Maryam got tired of trying to get Munir’s attentionfrom the chatting he was doing with Aisha on phone, she finallygave up and sat all by herself. Halima noticed It and she tried allshe could to cheer her up but all to no avail. ” I need to go homenow” Maryam said after getting tired of staying all alone. Munirdidn’t respond as he was smiling by himself while staring at hisphone due to the chatting. “Muneeeer” Maryam stressed his nameto his ears. “Yes, sorry dear. What did you say?” Munir finallyrespond. “i said i need to go home” Maryam retorted. “Ok dear.Just a minute” Munir said while he was typing on his phone.Maryam stood up and started going while Halima followed her.”hey, you guys should wait for me or are you going to leave mehere” Munir said as he stand up and ran to the them. Munir triedtalking to Maryam but she didn’t reply him. The scenario continueslike that till they drove back home. They were still not talking toeach other as Maryam’s mum noticed It. Munir and Halima leftthat day while he and Maryam did not say good bye to each other.Munir realised that she is angry with him… THE STRANGE THING HAS HAPPENED. AISHA AND MARYAM,WHO WILL WIN MUNIR’S HEART???.. BY :YUSUF DANJUMA YUNUS.


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