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. It is in the morning and Munir is not happy. He barely eat last
night because of the attitude given to him by Maryam. His attitude
was strange to the extent that his mother noticed It. Bilal went
back to his room after they observed their morning prayer and that
is unusual of him.
Same to Maryam as she locks herself inside since yesterday night
without coming to the parlour. Zahra, who is close to her among
the maids couldn’t talk to her as she demands to be left alone.
. ” brother Munir, mummy said that you should come over to the
dinning table for break fast” Halima said while standing outside at
the front of the door without the door been opened. “alright. Tell
her i will join you guys shortly” Munir said while covering himself
completely with the white duvet on the bed. Halima walked away
and told her mum exactly what Munir said. “what is wrong with
him?” Munir’s dad asked while sitting down on the chair. “i don’t
know ooo. But, Halima, what happened when you guys went to
sister’s house?” Munir’s mum asked. ” mummy, is like Maryam is
angry at brother Munir” “what happened?” “Munir was not giving
her his attention yesterday because he was busy chatting on
phone and i think that made Maryam to get angry at him” Halima
explained as her mum questioned her. “alright, no problem. Sister
and i will sort that out” Munir’s mum assured.
. Munir was not happy and he couldn’t sleep. He stretched out his
hand to have his phone so that he can text Maryam. He sat up on
the properly and then unlocked his phone. “assalamualaikum.
Morning dear, how was your night? I am wondering why you didn’t
reply any of my messages that i sent to you on WhatsApp. Please,
tell me why you started this attitude towards me since yesterday”
that was what Munir texted.
1 hour after the message, Maryam didn’t reply. Munir became
upset and dull. He gazed at his phone whenever It makes a sound
in order to know if It is a text message. When he got tired and
bored, he decided to go out and take some outings since It is
Saturday. He took his bath and then put on a nice and charming
outfit. When he viewed his phone and saw that It is remaining 5
percent battery, he decided to drop It at home. He switched off his
phone and then went out.
. Maryam was in her room lying down on the bed while her mother
knocked her door. “please my princess, for Allah sake come and
open this door” her mother said while knocking. Due to the name
of Allah been mentioned, she stood up and opened the door for her
mother. “why are you doing this to yourself again. You even
switched off your phone because of my call, why?” her mother said
in a weak voice while approaching her on bed. ” am sorry mum”
She apologized. ” sister called me and said that Munir has refused
to eat this morning. What is wrong with the both of you” Maryam’s
mum nags. “seriously?” Maryam said in surprise while sitting up
on the bed. ” but….” “but what?” Maryam stammered as her mum
cut her short. “nothing mum” She refused to talk. ” whatever that
happened between the two of you yesterday, i don’t want to know.
All i want now is you to switch on your phone and talk to him now”
“mum?” “Yes” She hesitated as her mother commanded. “do that
quickly before i return” her mother said as she banged the door.
Maryam reached for her phone and then switched It on.
Immediately she opened her phone, Munir’s text showed up. She
read It and became a little bit relieved. “is she your fiancee?”
Maryam texted Munir. She waited a little for his reply but didn’t
have. She decided to try his line but It was switched off. Maryam
started thinking that he did that as he saw her message. She
dropped her phone angrily on bed and head to her mum’s
chamber. “mummy, i text him and after some minutes of him not
replying, i called his line but he switched It off” Maryam said as
she walked into her mother’s room. “how do you know that he
switched It off deliberately?” her Mother throws back at her. Her
mother put a call to Munir’s mum and told her to persuade Munir
to come over to her place. At this moment, Maryam had left the
room to the garden.
. Munir came back home and told dauda, the gate man to start the
gen so that he can plug his phone. He entered the house without
seeing any body in the parlour. He went to his room and then
plugged his phone. When his mother came back from where she
went to, she discovered that the gen is on which means that Munir
is in his room. She dropped her bag at the sitting room on the chair
and head to his room. ” where are you from?” his mother
questioned him with a serious look. “any problem?” Munir asked
back while staring at his mother. ” answer my question” his mother
added. “i went to my friend, Majid” “have you heard from Maryam
this morning? Her mother told me she locked herself inside since
yesterday and refused to take anything” “seriously?” Munir said as
her mother queried him. “You better go and see her now before i
show you the other side of me” Munir’s said as she walked out.
Munir throws himself on the bed and breath deeply. Some minutes
after he plugged his phone, he switched It on. Suddenly, he saw the
message that was sent by Maryam. It is now that Munir
understand the reason why she started behaving so strange
towards him. Munir quickly scrolled to the message and replied It
NOW” that was what he text to Maryam immediately. He left his
phone in his room and walked very smart while in smile from his
room. His mother was at the parlour watching TV when he walked
in with smile. “mum, i will be right back” “hope you are going to
Maryam’s place?” “Yes mum” “alright” his mother replied. Munir
entered his car and drove off from the compound.


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