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. Munir alighted from the car with a very nice outfit on him. ” hey,
Zahra, how are you doing?” ” good afternoon sir. Am fine sir” Munir
asked as he approached Zahra while she gave him a response. “is
mummy inside?” “Yes” Zahra replied as Munir walked into the
sitting room. Munir greeted Maryam’s mum. “how are you doing
Munir?” she said sitting down on the chair. “am good ma” Munir
replied while standing. “alright. Have you seen Maryam?” “No ooo.
Is she not in her room?” “i don’t think so.” . “Zahra” She called her
in order to inquire. “Yes ma” Zahra replied while coming to the
sitting room then, Munir had made himself comfortable on the
chair. “where is Maryam?” Maryam’s mum asked. “ma, i saw her
going towards the direction of the garden some minutes ago”
Zahra replied. “Ok. You can go now” She ordered her. “ma, let me
go and meet her there” Munir said as he stood up. “alright” She
Maryam was all by herself in the garden smiling as she keeps on
staring at the message that Munir sent to her. Munir walked into
the garden majestically and their eyes met. Maryam walked briskly
to one corner in the garden and hide her face there while Munir
walked towards her. “assalamualaikum.” Munir said while his hand
in his pocket. “wa’alaikumsalam” Maryam replied in a very low
tone with softness. Her hands was still covering her eyes while
Munir stepped forward to her. ” what is wrong”? Munir asked. ”
nothing ” Maryam replied. They stayed like that to some seconds
before she breaks the silence. ” can you please call Zahra to bring
some fruits for us? ” She said while still hiding her face leaning
towards a long standing flower tree in the garden. “Ok. Do you
receive my message?” Munir asked while smiling. “Yes i do.
Thanks so much” She said as Munir became happy and wanted to
jump up. “You are welcome my love” Munir said to her ears as she
smiled secretly. “go nauu” “are you chasing me away?” Munir
replied her Jokingly. “No ooo” She said. “better” Munir respond
teasingly as she smiled again. Munir went into the house and
delivered Maryam’s message to Zahra. Zahra took some fruits
inside a ceramic plate and went ahead to the garden with Munir.
They sat on the carpet grass in the garden while enjoying
themselves with the fruit. Zahra sat on the chair at one corner in
the garden while staring at them with smile. “so what about her?”
Maryam said. “Aisha?” Munir asked back. “Yes” Maryam said while
taking one more fruit from the plate. “hmmm” Munir breath deeply
and then narrated everything she needed to know about Aisha.
“hmm. That’s really touching. But why were you smiling and
carried away while chatting with her yesterday?” “oh, that. She was
just reminding me of one of our funny friend then. Were you
jealous?” Munir asked while staring at her in smile. “Yes of course”
She answered while lowering her gaze at Munir. “You really gave
me tough time this morning” Munir said. “Yes na. You deserved It”
Maryam replied while laughing. “Okkk. I will flog you for that. Wait
for me” Munir said as he stood up to go and pick a tiny stick near
Zahra. “Zahra, don’t let him pick It ooo” Maryam said as she ran to
escape. “Don’t you dare pick that cane oo. You were here when
she was looking for my trouble” Munir said while smiling and
walking towards Zahra. Zahra kept contemplating till Munir picked
the stick. He chased Maryam but couldn’t catch her as she knows
different routes to come out from the garden. Munir stayed at their
house till evening before he left.
. The wedding was overcrowded by dignitaries from different
places. Barr. Majid flied his wife and children from parkistan to
come and witness the wedding. Past presidents of the country
including the incumbent one attended the wedding. 1 million naira
was presented as the bride prize. Lots of gift from family and
friends were presented. After the wedding, the president urged the
audience to accompany him to where he shall present his own gift
to the couples. When they arrived at the place, he presented a well
erected building which It insides were well furnished also .
Maryam’s dad gave them 10 billion naira and such was also
presented by their well wishers.
. One of the past presidents sponsored their honey moon to Dubai.
Maryam felt so fulfilled and on top of world.
It is 8 o clock in the evening and the couples are in the bed in each
others arms. “My love, i nearly loose you to another woman”
Maryam said while in Munir’s arms. ” me too, sweet heart. Am
happy we are together. Munir said as he kissed her on the
forehead. Maryam draws her neck upward and then kissed Munir
on the lips. Munir respond to the kiss and they kissed passionately
in the duvet.
. # THE_END …
Please your words and lesson about the story is highly needed.
Glory be to God Almighty.


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