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. She came back home that evening with anger. She finds
everything to be irritating so easily. She had never for her life happy
and excited for 5 minutes without an obstruction of sadness and
anger. She is too strict and over reacting.
. While she walked into the sitting room, she saw her dad watching
a network news with remote in his hand. “assalamualaikum. Good
evening dad” She greeted her dad. “wa’alaikumsalam. How was
the office?” her dad asked without looking at her. ” Alhamdulillah. It
was Ok” She replied her dad. “alright” her father replied. She
ordered the guards to excuse them and they left. She shifted a little
bit to her dad on the couch chair, placed her hands on her dad’s
left thigh and then pleaded for his dad’s forgiveness for what she
did to the maid. ” please dad forgive my manners. I am sorry for
what i did this morning” She pleaded in a low and weak manner of
voice. Her dad breathed deeply a sigh of relieve and then replied
her. ” promise me that this nonsense will never repeat itself again”
her dad stated while staring into her eyes. ” Yes sir, It will never
repeat itself again” She replied her dad. ” alright, you can go. I have
forgiven you” her dad said while tapping her on her shoulder. ”
Jazak Allahu khair dad. Am so grateful. You are the best daddy in
the world” She respond to her dad with a kiss on her dad’s left
chick. Her dad smiled. ” Aameen. And you are my princess” her
dad replied.
She walked from the parlour in excitement. She went to her room,
exchange for her night wears and then went to her mother’s room
to check on her.
. Munir got dressed for his work and walked into the parlour
elegantly. ” assalamualaikum. Good morning dad, Good morning
mum” he greeted while he sat on the dinning chair. ”
wa’alaikumsalam” they chorused. ” how was your night” his dad
said. ” It was splendid dad. Alhamdulillah” Munir replied. ” alright”
his dad respond. “where is Halima? She is not here with us” Munir
inquired. ” She is not feeling alright. She got back to bed after we
observed our Salat this morning” his mother replied. ”
SUBHANALLAH!!! Dad do you know about this?” Munir questioned.
” Yes my son. We have given her some drugs so don’t worry
because It is not that serious” his dad replied. Munir breathed a
sigh of relieve. He stood up to go and see his sister. ” Munir, eat
first before going to see her. You might late for work and her
condition is that not serious” his mother tries to call him back to
the dinning table. ” i know mum. But i have to see her first before
eating” Munir replied in a soft manner of speech while walking
towards the direction of Halima’s room. He opened the door with
Salam and a respond was given to him. ” i was just about taking
my break fast when mummy told me you are not feeling fine. How
are you fairing now? ” Munir said while sitting beside his sister on
bed. ” Alhamdulillah. Am good now” Halima replied him in smile. ”
alright. So what do you want big bro to buy for you when coming
in the evening?” Munir said with smile also. ” anything for little sis.
But ice cream should be included” She replied. “alright. Big bro will
do just as you said” Munir said while standing up from the bed. ”
alright bro. Thanks” She respond while she sat on the bed with the
duvet covering her except from her neck upward.
Munir dashed into the sitting room, eat a little bit and went outside
then he drove off from the compound.
. Munir went to the hospital and the work for the day start. Later in
the evening, he drove off from the hospital as the work closed for
the day. He branched a near by shopping mull to have something
for his sister, Halima. When he alighted from the car, he saw five
cars packed outside towards the entrance of the shop. He made a
move towards the shopping door but he was blocked by one huge
hefty guy in a black suit. ” let me in or have they closed for the
day?” Munir question while facing the guy. ” there is a presence of
a prestigious personality here. So, you are advised to stay back
until she is done with her shopping” the guard replied. “what an
insult. A female inside there shopping and you are commanding
me to stay back outside here till she finished? You must be joking”
Munir throws back at him. The man tries to slap him when Munir
blocked his wrist. They were dragging their both hands when
Barrister Maryam came. The things been purchased got fell down
from one of the body guards’ hand when Munir pushed the other
guard he was fighting. “what! Who is this stinging smelling nobody
that got my things fell on the ground? ” Maryam throws at Munir
with harshness. “am sorry ma. I didn’t know you were coming”
Munir pleaded not knowing she was the reason why he was been
held hostage since. Maryam was standing akimbo staring at
Munir. “madam, i was trying to let him understand that a
prestigious personality is inside shopping when he uttered a
disrespectful word about you” the guard explained to her. It is now
that Munir noticed she is the person that he was blocked for.
Maryam inquired from the guard what Munir said and the guard
told her “he said a common female” the guard stated falsely. ”
what! ” Maryam exclaimed while she raised her hand to slap
Munir. Munir blocked her hand and they start staring at each other.
“If not female then, what are you? A male? Munir asked her while
they were staring at each other. Maryam struggled and Munir freed
her. ” You will pay for this. Boys, let’s move out from here ”
Maryam said while she walked fast from his front. Munir was only
looking at her in smile. Maryam and her guards drove off from the
scene immediately while Munir went into the shop to have
something for his sister.
They were on their way going when Maryam asked one of her
guards. “do any of you know anything about that guy?” She asked.
” No ma” they chorused. ” alright. I want every detail about him. He
must pay for the harassment. I want reports before this week runs
out” She commanded. “alright. Consider It done ma” the head of
the guards replied..


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