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. They drove into the compound and Maryam dashed out of the car
in anger. All the maids couldn’t stand her way as they try to greet
her but she scold them. The trafigator light of the cars could be
seen blinking as It is till on. She rushed into the sitting room while
she dropped It furiously on the chair. ” mother!!! ” She exclaimed in
getting her mother’s attention while standing at the downstairs
looking up at the upstairs and then shouting. She called her
mother three times before she appeared on the stair case. ” what
is the problem my princess” her mother said while taking a step on
the stair case from the upstairs. ” mother, a guy from no where
has just ruin my day. He harassed me at the shopping mull mum”
Maryam explained to her mum. ” what!! A guy in this country from
a nobody family has the guts to harass you?” her mother said
while shouting on top of the house. Maryam was standing and
fuming in anger already. ” No. That guy must be treated
accordingly. After teaching that fool the lesson of his life, he will
learn to respect those above him. My princess, do you know him?”
Her mother question while approaching her. ” an arrangement has
been done for that already. Before this week runs out, i will get all i
need about him” Maryam replied. “that is why i called you my
blood. You did exactly to my wish. Don’t worry. Just go in and
have a rest” her mother said while accompanying her to her room.
“is daddy at home?” Maryam asked. ” No. He went out with the
minister of power just some hours ago before you arrived” Her
mother replied her.
. Munir drove in sluggishly because of the incident that happened
at the shopping mull. He alighted from the car and then walked
straight the sitting room. He entered the sitting room and then saw
his family all together watching the TV. He said Salam to them and
they answered. “welcome brother Munir. How was your day”
Halima said while she approached him and then collected his brief
case and took It inside his room. ” what is the problem son” his
mother question in worry. ” nothing mum. I just ran into one
arrogant wealthy girl today and what she did was totally inhuman”
Munir reports. ” hope nothing you didn’t do anything stupid there”
his father cut in. ” No ooo dad. That will also be inhuman of him”
Munir stated. “alright” both his dad and mum chorused. ” just go in
and have your freshen up. Then you let Halima to bring your food
for you” his mother added. Munir stood up and went to his room. ”
ehen, that reminds me. Halima, the things i bought for you are in
the car. Please take the key and go and have them” Munir said
while heading to his room.
. Information about Munir has been gathered already and they have
planned to track him on his way back from the work.
In the evening, while Munir was coming back from work, he noticed
a black huge hilux car that was following him. When he stopped,
the car also stopped. Munir became frightened. He matched his
gear with the whole speed and they started racing on the road. It
was rainy and the road is some how spoiled due to the rain. Munir
put his car in the highest speed and started moving faster than that
man. He made use of his intelligent quotient and then escaped
from the man. He didn’t go to his house straight. He branched at
his friend’s house who happens to be a Barrister also. His name is
Barrister Majid. He is a fearless lawyer and a SAN for that matter.
He is known both at the national and international level to be a
smart and a hardly to be defeated lawyer.
When Munir came to his house, his phone started ringing. He took
his phone out from his pocket and It was a strange number. He
picked It and the voice he heard was that of a female. “this is the
lady you prove stubbornness with at the shopping mull some days
back. You think you are smart? Don’t worry. I will catch you red
handed and you will clean my shoes for me” that was Maryam at
the phone. Munir got dazed and confused. He Narrated all that
happen to Barrister Majid, his friend and he assured Munir that he
is going to investigate everything about her. Majid collected
Maryam’s phone number from Munir and he promised to trace who
she is.
Hours later Munir drove home with the company of his friend,
Majid. When they got inside the house, his parents told him that
one Barrister Maryam came here and she said we should tell you
to go into hiding or else what she do to you, you won’t like It..


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