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. Munir woke up in the mid-night and offered raka’ats of tahajud
prayers. He supplicates to Allah to make him triumph in the case
been filed by Barr. Maryam.
. They all assembled at the dinning table and the food was dished
out for everyone. “your mother told me you are having a problem
with a guy you met at a shopping mull. Hope you have reconciled
with him?” Maryam’s dad question at the dinning table.
Immediately at that question, Maryam and her mother winked at
each other with a very long and unpleasant face. “reconciled? A
guy from a nobody’s family tampered with your daughter and you
are here saying she should reconcile with him?” Maryam’s mother
throws back at her husband. ” and you? What do you call
yourself?” he throws back at his wife too. “the wife of a former
known president of this nation” She replied while taking a look at
herself in pride. Her husband started laughing. He made a
mockery of them, cleaned his mouth with a white towel and then
stand up to leave. ” and you, let me not hear that you are still on
that issue” he stated while pointing his finger at Maryam before he
left the dinning table.
They finished with the eating and they drove off from the
compound to Barr. Majid’s house. Hours on the road, they finally
arrived at his house. They horned three times before the gate was
open for them. “we are here to see the owner of this house. Please
can you inform him that some people are here to see him?
Maryam’s mother said in a polite manner. ” Ok ma ” The gate man
replied and walked away. The gate man walked into the sitting
room and saw Barr. Majid coming down from the stare case at the
upstairs with car keys and some files in his hand. “ogah, one
Woman dey outside with big motor say she wan see you ooo” the
gate man said while pointing outside. “alright. Let them in” Barr.
Majid said while he went back to go and on the CCTV cameras in
his house. When they entered, they were told to make themselves
comfortable by a voice only. Shortly after that, Barr. Majid stepped
out from a room and he sat with them in the parlour. ” Good
morning Barrister Majid. I am the wife of the former president of
this country and this is my daughter, Maryam. She is a lawyer like
you. We heard that you are representing a young man called Munir
in the case we filed against him. What we want you to do for us is
just to abandon him in this case so that we can win and let him
learn his lesson. A token of 1 trillion Naira will be given to you if
you will do this for us. ” Maryam’s mother stated. ” alright. I
understand what you said perfectly. But Before i could be able to
handle this case properly, i want your daughter to explain to me
what had really happened between the both of them ” Barr. Majid
stated clearly. Maryam Narrated all that happen at the shopping
mull exactly without including an iota of falsehood in her
explanations. After the conversation between Majid and the both of
them, he assured them that he will not show up in the court on that
day. They thanked him and then left with ten convoy of cars.
In the parlour, there was a centre table which on It was a voice
recorder tape. All their conversation was taped by Barr. Majid but
they (Maryam and her mother) didn’t know. Majid took the voice
recorder and he listened to all that they have told him. ” let me see
how they will escape on this one. I will use this as an evidence in
the court of law on that day” Barr. Majid said to himself while


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