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Would You Still Love Me The Same?
Chapter 4

“Do you think this would be good”, I say with a confused look
as I pick a dress from the entire mess that I’d made in the
“Oh My Allah! Please help me.. help me survive with this
annoying creature and please make her get a final decision
soon please Allah please”, Asna ends her mini prayer with an
irritated look on her face as she continues, “please Asma
choose something fast please cuz all your clothes are perfect
maa shaa Allah! Make it fast habibti we are wasting alot of
time please!”, Asna concludes with a pleading look at me.
“Don’t you understand hayatee it’s my first time meeting a guy
and so I need to be perfect”, I say as I try to make her
understand that I’m too tensed. Yeah my ma did agree on this
match, she just said she didn’t like this marriage because she
wanted to say that she loved it! And finally I was meeting
We thought of deciding our clothes on Saturday so that we’ll be
ready on Sunday but since Shabeer had a meeting to attend on
Sunday that time, we had to bring the day forward and meet
him at Starbucks on Saturday 3 which is today. And I’m totally
nervous and not prepared thoroughly.
“Oh c’mon don’t tell me not a single man on this planet has
seen you before. Obviously people had seen you before this.
It’s just normal don’t get so serious”, she says.
“I think you are right, why bother so much it’s just a guy, lets
wear this then”, I finally understand and choose a blood red
skirt with a matching blue denim shirt. Over it I decide to wear
my favourite beige sweater with many uncommon designs on
it and a plain yellow hijab with a pair of red shoes.
I couldn’t even have lunch properly because I had to prepare
the questions that I had to ask and because I was too nervous.
I dressed and then was ready to do a little make up. I didn’t
want to have too much make up on my first meeting, so I
decided to add a little blush, a light pink lip gloss and mascara.
“Habibti make it fast, the groom comes to see me and I’m
ready, why are you taking so long make it fast!”, I scream from
downstairs to Asna while having a mini chat with Raahimah as
she had arrived a long time ago to accompany us to
Finally when Asna was ready, we decided to leave because we
didn’t want to diasappoint Shabeer in the first meeting. We
wanted to make a good impression on ourself infront of him.
“Ma we are leaving, Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi
wabarakathuhu, wish me luck”, I say with a bright face.
“Good luck! Behave well my little girls, walaikum salaam
warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu and fee amaanillah”, she
says to us as she kisses our forhead.
“Okay ma”, we say and leave home.
“Ya Allah make it easy for me”, I say to myself as we enter
Starbucks. Throughout I maintain silence as Asna and Raahimah
do the honour of speaking with everyone.
“Booking in the name of Shabeer Ahamed please”, Raahimah
says as the waitor takes us towards our table. I continue to
look at the ground while walking because I didn’t want to faint
with fear once I see the faces of people around.
“Thank You!”, Asna says to the waiter as finally we reached
our table. There was one guy across us who stood up as soon
as he saw us move closer to his table.
“Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu, have a
seat.. want anything to drink?”, he says as he makes himself
comfortable and sit once we had sat down.
“No it’s fine! Jezakallahu khairan for asking”, I finally say to
him who I think was Shabeer.
“Wa antum fa jazaakum Allahu khairan”, he says with a smile
and continues, “I think you’ll can manage to stay here for
sometime till Shabeer arrives, maybe another five minute cuz
he said he was on his way”he finishes as he looks into his
phone to see the time.
At once Asna and Raahimah asks, “then you are?”.
“Oh yeah sorry I forgot to introduce myself to you’ll, I’m
Shabeer’s bro Saajid.. I’d finish college this year and have
applied to many jobs and waiting till the right one comes to me
so that I could attend the interview”, he concludes. “And you
guys are?” He says again.
“Oh I’m Asna this is my sister Asma and her best friend
Raahimah , they are doing their final year at college while I have
two more years to go in collage but not intrested so I do a half
time job in the evenings and weekends”, Asna says.
“Oh that’s great”, were the only words that came out of
Saajid’s mouth. Saajid was a quite tall and mature boy with
nice features,. He had light brown eyes that were so
“So you are the popular guy at school isn’t it? Have heard a lot
about you”, Raahimah says to Saajid.
“Umm yeah kind of cuz I like being friendly with everyone and
like helping others and…..”, before he could conclude Shabeer
arrives. “Hey sorry guys, I’m late please forgive me”, Shabeer
says as he stares at Asna intensely and as Asna stares back.
In that minute I took a quick glance at him and noticed that he
was tall too but not as tall as Saajid, he had green eyes, he had
a coat suit on and looked very tired.
“And Asma?”, Shabeer says as he couldn’t identify who I was
through the three girls around him and then Saajid points at
me. I automatically start blushing. “Assalamu alaikum Asma,
how Re you?”, Shabeer says as I understand that he’s trying to
get into conversation.
Then exactly at that time Saajid stands up and says, “umm I
think Raahimah , Asna and myself will move to the opposite table
while you can talk”, he ends as he expects them to get up as
well. While they were leaving Raahimah stops and turns behind
and says “be aware we are watching you guys”.
Then finally I reply to him “walaikum salaam warahmathullahi
wabarakathuhu, I’m doing great Alhamdulillah! how are you?”,
and we start talking.
We asked each other random things to begin with, like where
he works and how his family background is and stuff. Before
we could talk much it was already time up and we had to
Once we were at home ma asked about what happened at
Starbucks and while we were narrating what happened to ma,
baba was listening to us as well though he didn’t ask any
Finally when everything was done and time to sleep I was
thinking of the entire day and how I spent it as it was
unbelievable. I never expected to meet my to-be-husband
Never expected him to have a brother who studied in the same
college as I am. I was surprised that I wasn’t frightened or felt
nervous while talking to Shabeer though I was annoyed that his
phone rang every now and then. And I was also surprised that
I felt myself blush and nervous when I was talking to his
brother. I was so shocked that I had spoken so fluent and
calmly to Shabeer throughout and decided to meet up soon
I didn’t feel anything towards Shabeer when I spoke to him,
like how Raahimah told me I would feel. I didn’t want to tell this
to Raahimah as well because I didn’t want her to feel like I didn’t
have feelings with me. Because I know I’m perfect!
Allah SWT created me, I’m perfect in my imperfect ways,
Nobody can tell me I’m not beautiful and I have no feelings
because I’m His creation and He makes no mistake, I was one
of His master pieces! As I tell this to myself I feel good about
Before I could think anymore I had fallen asleep as I was so
tired and needed to prepare myself for the busy day coming
ahead as I had to prepare for my exams the following week.

Chapter 5 on the way


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