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Chapter 11
Love you more

Although I was late to college this morning, I didn’t take much
interest in preparing for it in hurry because today would be the
last day before college was finally over forever.
That thought made me feel sick. I was afraid I’ll die with home
sickness after college was over. College was my second home
and students felt like my own siblings.
“I’m sure going to miss them terribly!”, I say as I talk to myself
in the mirror while applying the mascara and a little touch of
makeup to suit my dress.
I was wearing one of my favourite outfit today. I really didn’t
know if the colours matched but I liked it that way.
It was a navy blue, long, printed, flared high waist skirt. To
match with it I wore a pure white long sleeve shirt and tucked it
in and a very comfortable off white hijab wrapped around
Once I was ready, I took everything I needed and headed down
straight into the dining room. There I saw a hungry baba
waiting for ma to serve him.
I decided to go help him “Assalamu alaikum baba! Wait I’ll help
you”, I say as I leave my things aside and start serving for him.
“Oh habibti! Walaikum salaam warahmathullahi
wabarakathuhu! Jezakallahu khairan! I’m glad my daughter
has grown up to be a little lady”, he says as he winks at me
when I look at him.
“Oh baba! You don’t make fun of me please”, I say with the
pleading look and Ma enters the dining room and joins in our
“Yes Asma if we don’t tease you, then who can?”, ma says as
she looks at baba with so much love.
It always surprised me how they could stay as a lovely couple
forever. Maa shaa Allah! They loved each other so much. It
always seemed like they just married two years back but the
truth was that it was 24 years since they had married.
“Okay okay you’ll have all the rights to do it!”, I say as I finally
give up. Ma comes over to me and kisses my forhead before
she walks towards the opposite side of the dining table and
Once I had finished serving for the two of them, I decided to
have breakfast with them as well. I took a seat and served
cornflakes to my bowl.
Then ma stated, “Anyways Asma I’m so proud of you!”. As ma
finishes baba looks at ma and then at me and say “We are
proud of you habibti”.
“Oh I’m glad you’ll are!”, I say as I wipe off a fake tear from my
eye and continue. “But may I know why?”, I ask them.
They always appreciated me for all what I did but I knew this
was different and that this was special since they had been
looking at each other like a million times and be like ‘shall I
start?’, ‘you start! ‘ and ‘shall we say?’.
“You had recieved ‘A’ grades on all your subjects my dear! We
just recieved the letter from school”, ma says. I knew it, I just
knew it would be something so special!
I didn’t really want to eat anything afterwards. My stomache
had been groaning ever since I started preparing this morning
for college but the happy news just filed my stomache.
I was so excited to say Raahimah this good news and all the
others as well. I quickly had breakfast, greeted ma and baba
and left home before I was too too late to college.
“So what are your plans?”, I say to Raahima as we ride back
home after college.
“What plans?”, Raahimah asks after few minutes had passed as
she was concentrating on the road as she was the one driving
as usual.
“Oh yeah.. plans about what you will wear tomorrow?”, I ask
her again.
Tomorrow would be the last day of college and it would never
be mine anymore. It would never be the place we made
memories. Cherished so much time together with everyone.
It would all be just a memory in future. The thought about it
makes me drown in sadness.
“Ummm yeah I thought I’ll wear the blue frock tomorrow!
You?”, she replied. I was awaiting this question from her and
so immediately replied, “I’m wearing the blue frock too!
Remember the one that you got me last Eid, I love it!”.
She turned to me and smiled as she said, “I love you habibti,
you’ll always be the best friend ever!”. “Aww I love you more
habibti”, I reply back.
It was already time to get off the car as I reached home. The
ride back home was so quick.
“Will you pick me tomorrow as well?”, I ask her as I get down
from the car, walk towards the drivers seat and peep in
through the shutter to meet with Raahima.
“Yeah sure why not! Be here by eight in shaa Allah.. bye
Assalamu alaikum! “, she says as I reply. “In shaa Allah! Bye
walaikum salaam… Take care!”.
“You too”, she says and the car moves away from the lane.
I walk inside home and there the best mother in the universe
waits to recieve me.
“Assalamu alaikum habibti Asma”, ma comes towards me and
hugs me tight. “Ma please ma I can’t breathe”, I say to her as
she hugs me so tight.
“Oh yeah sorry habibti”, she says as we leave our embrace and
I move towards the couch and ask her. “So what’s new at
home today?”.
“Ah yeah today we have a good news and bad news! Good
news is we have a special lunch today!”, I celebrate with a
mini dance as ma continues “Asna didn’t go to college and
that’s the bad news”.
I was surprised and I asked ma, “why is that?”. “Oh she said
she wasn’t feeling well!”, ma says with a worried voice. I walk
to her and hug her tight as I say, “I’m so sorry ma, she’ll feel
better, don’t worry I’ll talk to her in shaa Allah!”.
“I love you Asma”, as ma say I reply “I love you more maaaa!”.
I knew Asna might be upset with what happened the previous
day with her and myself. I thought I’ll talk to her after lunch in
shaa Allah.
I tell ma and head to my room to change before I had lunch.
“Assalamu alaikum Asna habibti! Can I come in?”, I ask her as
I knock on her room door.
“Umm yeah sure! Walaikum salaam!”, she says as she stands
up from her study table and comes to the bed to take a seat
next to me.
Before I could tell her anything she began, “I’m sorry Asma,
I’m so extremely sorry, I know I was a sort of horrible sister to
you! Please forgive me because I didn’t mean anything., you
know about me right? I’m very straight forward person.. so I
really had to tell you! And you know right I tell you everything
nuh so how could I hide this! But now I understand! I was
going over my limits. How could I ever do something like this
to you. Lets forget all this and continue our lives as the best
sisters on this planet! K? In shaa Allah'”, she finally ends her
long talk by taking a huge breath at the end.
I walk towards the table, grab the glass of water and hand it to
Asna as I say, “Drink a little habibti”.
Once she had finished the entire glass in one gulp. I take the
glass and move towards the table to place it again. While I go I
reply to her long speech.
“So yeah habibti! Now about what you said! Don’t worry Asna
I didn’t misunderstand you, not that day and not today as well.
It was just that I didn’t know what to do. The main reason I
cried was this. You know about me right? I’m so sensitive I
don’t even have to tell you this right? Anyways you can have
Shabeer to you”, I say and end.
“What!”, she replies with a shocking expression.
“I said you can have him”, I say as I scream into her ear.
She moves away a little from me and reply while closing her
ears, “yeah yeah I understood that but why?”.
“I think he doesn’t suit me and I’m not so intrested in him! And
I think he’s not intrested in me either! He is not my type! So
have him!”, I say to her as I wink.
She stays still with a shocked expression and a sudden shine
on her face “Are you serious?”, she says as she blinks away
the tears in her eyes.
“Yeah I am! Fine if you don’t want him just forget it”, I say with
a sarcastic tone and turn away and move towards the door.
“Wait!”, I hear her say. As she says it I turn, she jumps into me
as she hugs me so tight.
“I love you Asmaaaa, no one in this entire world would have a
sister like you! I love you soo much! Words cannot express it”,
she says with so much emotions.
I hug her tighter and cry with her as I say, “I love you much
more than that habibti! And you may have him!”


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