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Chapter 12
Wait.. What?

I was just chilling in the cold wind while I watch the birds fly
around during the evening sun while I stay thinking of what
would happen next.
It always gave me happiness to stay away from the human
world and be by myself surrounded by the amazing other
creations of Allah and getting into deep thought while I lay on
my bench in the home back yard.
I lay there for so long that I didn’t realize the time pass by. It
gave me much calmness to sit there and plan my following
It was a daily routine in my daily activities. I was in deep
thoughts about my life. Whom would I marry? How would she
be? Good or bad? Quiet or noisy? Fat or thin? Fair or dark? I
had no idea.
I always expected a wife whose very good, a little noisy,
neither too fat nor too thin and the colour didnt bother me at all
because the fairest of us all in the eyes of Allah is the ones
whose heart is pure.
All these qualities had belonged to one person who didn’t have
at least a teeny feeling about me. And to make things worse
she was to be my brothers wife who would be my future sister-
It made me so hurt to think about it. I knew I didn’t get her
because that’s what Allah had planned for me. To think it this
way it made me chill for a while.
My only dua was to have a wife who’ll be alot similar to Asma.
Maybe I wasn’t lucky enough to marry her because Allah
might have planned a better person for me. I cheered up
myself with my own second thoughts. I say Alhamdulillah as I
wipe away a tear that had fallen unknowingly.
“Assalamu alaikum bro!”, Shabeer sits next to me as he hits
hard on my thighs. “Ouch Walaikum salaam warahmathullahi
wabarakathuhu Shabeer the killer”, I say as I wink at him and
wipe away the tear that had fallen.
“Wait wait.. don’t tell me that I just saw my bro crying?”,
Shabeer face palms himself as he continues. “Oh Allah did you
seriously cry?”, Shabeer asks with much concern this time
because he realized that I was very serious at that point.
I turn away due to embarrasment overflowing me as I had
never cried before my brother. I wipe away my tears and reply
as I turn, “No are you crazy?”.
“Oh c’mon bro.. don’t lie to me! We’ve lived under the same
roof for over 20 years and you still think I don’t know you? Well
if you do think that way, then you’re wrong because I know
you better than you yourself! “, Shabeer says as he put his
collars up to show his victory.
I knew it was the best time to change the subject so I decided
to carry on a fight and so I said, “He he realy! I know myself
and yourself better k?”.
“Oh man it’s no more old times.. I know you’re trying to
change the subject but remeber Saajid you fail this time! And I
know you better! Anyways tell me what’s up?”, he asked with
lot of curiosity and care mixed in his eyes.
I knew I had to tell him some day because I never could keep
things to myself. I knew this would be the right time for it as I
had no way of escape.
So I began, “Well the thing is Shabeer. I like someone!”.
“Oh great.. are you serious? Alhamdulillah! Well
Congratulations bro.. come let’s go tell mama this instant
because she will be so happy?”, Shabeer says as he pulls my
hand and make me almost topple off the bench.
“Wait!”, I say to him. He then turns and faces me as I sit back
in the right position before I talk again. “I didn’t finish yet.. well
the thing is do you know who I like?”, I ask him.
He hits his forhead as he says, “Ah yes! Well sorry I was just
so excited I forgot to ask that first.. anyways who is the lucky
At that moment I get a little tensed, then as I calm myself I
say, “I’m sorry if you get hurt about what I say but I think I
need to say it..”.
“Hey don’t give me those creeps, tell me fast who is it?”,
Shabeer asks with excitement in his voice.
“Umm it’s Asma!”, I say and I look at him as he is in shock and
before he could say anything I continue. “I know, I know I’m
wrong! But yeah you forced me to say it so I spit it out.. now
let’s stop from there okay? Let’s just forget it okay? If I hurt
you and made you feel bad or did anything else as well then
I’m really..”, before I could continue anymore he spoke.
“Woah woah habibi! Calm down! Why are you in a hurry. Were
you afraid that I was shocked or were you afraid that I’m going
to kill you?”, he laughs and continues. “Well Saajid. This is the
thing, I came here to say you something and that is.. well don’t
be over happy okay?”. He winked at me.
I was shocked for some time. What was he going to say that
would make me happy? Why did he want to do it when I made
him upset by what I said? Many things were running in my
head that moment.
“I went out with Asma yesterday. We had spoken for some
time and then we both planned that we don’t suit each other
and therefore we are not to be married. And I spoke to maa
and baba about it already last night. So anyways I would like
to say that you may have a chance with her! Try Saajid you
may fly”, he winks at me.
I could feel butterflies flying around me. The feeling I had
couldn’t be told out. I could see Asma everytime I close my
Each time I saw her I reminded myself. ‘Saajid it’s haraam
Finally after the long lasting shock I replied to him. “Are you
serious? Oh my Allah I can’t believe this.. but why? Anyways
thanx bro..”, I say as I side hug him.
“Hehe well I like someone else and to your second surprise for
the day it’s non other than Asma’s sister Asna!”, Shabeer said
with so much of feelings while he spoke.
“Woah that’d be awesome! Sister and sister, brother and
brother! We would have a lovely time in our wives house as
well together! And they would have a lovely time in our house
as well! And we can..”, before I could continue any further
Shabeer stopped me.
“Woahhh boy! Calm down we aren’t engaged yet bro, first we
need to talk to ma and baba Saajid!”, Shabeer says.
I pull his hands to make him stand and as I get up as well I
say, “yeah c’mon let’s talk to them now!”.
“Yeah okay let’s go”, he says as he realizes my curiosity and
we head to their room.


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