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Would You Still Love Me The Same?
Chapter 15

“Hey bro, Assalamu alaikum! Would you come with me to the
mall?”, Shabeer says as he enters my room.
“Yeah sure, but why anything special?”, I ask while still not
moving my eyes away from my books.
“Yeah.. umm I wanted to get something for Asna from the mall
because I got a call from them a little while ago”, he says while
his face turns red.
I was just continuing my work while I spoke to him and then
immediately turned once I realized what actually had
happened, “Wait.. are you serious? Did she give you her
“Umm yes they all did, I’m so happy and so mama and baba
decided to leave to their place for dinner tonight so that I could
talk to her”, he says smiling widely.
I was so happy for my brother because this was one of his
biggest goals. “I’m so happy for you!”, I say as I hug him tight.
“I’m so happy for myself too Saajid!”, Shabeer says winking as
we finally leave each others embrace.
“And yes before it’s too late come let’s go to the mall”, I say
arranging my room a little bit before we could leave. “Ah yes
let’s make a move”, Shabeer says as he reaches for my car
keys over the cupboard.
“Why not your car bro”, I ask him. “Oh.. uh actually I had to put
it in the garage”, Shabeer says while we walk out of the room.
“SubhanAllah! What happened to it bro?”, I ask shocked as
Shabeer was a very careful person and I never expected his
car to get damaged unlike mine.
“Oh I met a small accident, I banged onto a tree today after
work”, he says as he takes a seat in the driver’s seat. “But
how, you’re so careful! This can’t happen!”, I say staring at
him astonished.
“No Saajid it’s not a great big damage.. I got a call while in the
vehicle from Asna’s baba and when they gave the approval, I
was in utter shock, I had no control over the car that I banged
onto the tree”, he says blushing.
“Ohhh my brother seems already lost in his own world. Oh God
don’t do this to him so soon!”, I say dramatically. “No making
fun of your big bro Saajid!”,he says winking.
“Look forward and drive bro, don’t wont my car bang too soon
as well, I have more time”, I say. “Ya Allah, Saajid for God’s
sake would you stop it”, Shabeer says finally unable to bare it
The rest of the journey was quiet until we finally reached our
destination, the mall!
“I’ll go in, you park the car and meet me at Starbucks”, I say
closing the door of the car and moving in to the mall as
Shabeer goes in to the parking area.
I’m so happy for him. I’ve never seen his face lit up for so long
and now it is. May he be happy always and may this
happiness in his face never fade away in shaa Allah. I say in
my mind as I walk through the Starbucks entrance.
I stay at Starbucks drumming my fingers on the table that the
waiter had led me to, till Shabeer arrives and finally here he
“Bro did you just forget how to walk?”, I ask Shabeer. “What
are you talking Saajid?, why would I forget how to walk?”,
Shabeer asks me with a confused look.
“I told you that cuz I’ve been waiting for you since so long and
so I thought you might have forgotten how to walk”, I say in a
teasing tone.
“C’mon Saajid ofcourse that wasn’t the reason.. I had left my
wallet in the car and so I had to go back to get it that is why it
took me sometime”, Shabeer replies to me and continues “okay
anyways let’s go!”, and Shabeer turns to leave.
“Where to?”, I ask him. He turns, stares at me and then replies
to me,”Ofcourse to the mall where else?”.
“What about the coffee?”, I ask a tad bit sad as I really wanted
to have a cup of coffee right now. “Bro I thought we had come
shopping! Did you just forget?”, Shabeer says.
“I thought we are going to have a coffee as well”, I say in a
worried tone. “Don’t be a baby Saajid we can get the coffee
once we are done with the shopping. Okay?”, Shabeer finally
comes to a deal.
And then we leave Starbucks as everyone stares at us while
the waiter who led me to the table frowns at me. I make a
quick turn and look the other way.
“See Shabeer everyone’s looking at us, you cannot embarass
me any better bro”, I say annoyed at him but he doesn’t reply
as he was too excited about buying something for Asna.
Finally the shopping was done and he finally selected a gift
worthy of shopping for two hours. We ended at Starbucks as
Shabeer had promised me. We had gone to the same
Starbucks that we had left before without the coffee because
this was the one shop that I frequently come and so I didn’t
want to give the waiters working there a bad impression on me
because then I’ll never be able to come here again.
From there we headed straight back home because we did not
want to be late for the dinner because mama would freak out if
we were a little late and mainly because Shabeer had not yet
selected his suit for the dinner.
“Would this look good on me?”, Shabeer asks looking at his
almost sixth suit.
“Yes yes it does!” I say tired of him asking my approval as he
did not choose any of the suits I had liked.
“No I don’t think it looks good”, he says and then digs his
wardrobe for another one.
“Then why did you ask from me? You can select it yourself
nuh!”, I say pissed at him.
Shabeer comes towards me and says, ” I’m sorry bro, I should
have just selected what you told. Tell me, I’ll wear anything
you like”.
“No Shabeer I understand that you are nervous and excited. I
can’t blame you because certain people are worse than you
but you know what? Anything suits you bro. You’re smart so
go ahead choose whatever you like.”, I say as I felt bad for him
and as I understood how he felt.
“You sure bro?”, Shabeer asks again.
“Yess very sure”, I say smiling widely while I decide to leave
the room.
“Okay then Saajid, I think I’ll pick the dark blue suit for me”,
Shabeer finally decides.
“Yes that’ll look good, go ahead start dressing now we are kind
of late”, I say and before I could leave I ask him.
“Hey Shabeer do you think I should tell Asma’s parents how I
feel about her and get their approval”, I ask Shabeer as this
question had been disturbing my mind ever since we had gone
shopping for Asna.
“I think you should brother before it’s too late”, Shabeer says
while trying out different ties on him infront of the mirror.
“No bro, I mean not today but maybe in few days”, I say to
“Saajid, I think you should tell them quick as possible and
today would be the best day for it since you had already spoke
to mama and baba and as they had not refused your choice”,
Shabeer says.
“You sure bro?”, I aks him again.
“Of course I’m sure”, Shabeer says.
“Fine I’ll do it then, thank you anyways Shabeer and by the way
the black tie would suit you well”, I say and walk away from the
room as Shabeer says a “thank you” to me.
“I look good right?”, Shabeer asks me for almost the fifth time
while we drive to Asna’s house.
“Yes you look very handsome Shabeer don’t worry”, I say
consoling him.
He had finally decided to wear his dark blue suit with a black
tie, his strong smell perfume and his black rolex. I wore a
black suit with a silver tie and my rolex too. We loved watches
especially the rolex ones.
Mama and baba were coming in baba’s vehicle while I had to
bring Shabeer with me as he had not got back his car yet.
“Bro where are the certain questions I had written down to ask
Asna?”, Shabeer ask panicking.
“Do not worry Shabeer it’s in my pocket ask me when you
want it”, I say to him.
“Oh okay what about the gift?”, Shabeer asks again.
“It’s in the back seat. Dont worry Shabeer. Would you stop
panicking and keep quiet please!”, I say annoyed at him.
He finally decides to shut his mouth and keep quiet till the end
of the ride.
“Shabeer take the gift in your hand”, I say as we finally park the
car at Asna’s house entrance and get out of it.
“Yeah okay, wish me luck bro!”, Shabeer says so nervous.
“Good luck and wish me luck too”, I whisper to Shabeer.
“Thanks, good luck to you too!”, he says to me and I smile
We join mama and baba and walk towards their entrance.
“This is it!”, I say as I give a smile at Shabeer and then ring
their door bell.


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